Lindsey Graham Says $38 Billion Aid Package To Israel Is Too low

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Lindsey Graham Says $38 Billion Aid Package To Israel Is Too low

US Sen. Lindsey Graham said that he plans to introduce legislation next week to provide additional financial support to Israel, arguing that the new military aid deal with the United States is not enough.

The Obama administration has agree to sent Israel a record sum of money in military aid over the next decade but the US senator believes Israel should get more.

Graham said he had spoken with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and outlined his position graham-netanyahu

AntiWar reports:

In the 48 hours leading up to Israel and the US agreeing on a record $38 billion military aid deal, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) began to push hard against it, suggesting Congress could give Israel and even bigger aid package, and telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Obama could “go F himself” if he didn’t like the larger aid.

Israel, ultimately, accepted the Obama deal, and also promised not to seek additional funds from Congress. That doesn’t mean Graham has given up, however, and he’s insisted Congress isn’t bound by this new deal, and free to give Israel all the extra billions they feel like.

Sen. Graham now says he intends to introduce a $1.5 billion additional aid deal for Israel just for this year, suggesting that Congress would be free to keep throwing similar “emergency supplementals” at Israel every year if they want to, and saying he believes there’s a lot of support for it.

Graham also said give Israel more money would be a great way to “send a signal to the ayatollahs” in Iran, and that whenever the Iranian government does something the US doesn’t like they should expect more money to be sent to Israel.

It remains to be seen how much support there is in Congress for this new bill, despite Graham’s confidence, and many of the usual lobbyists for such aid may fear that its passing so soon after the Obama deal would hurt Israel’s credibility, after promising not to lobby for such funds.


  1. Sure, why not.  Lockheed Martin and out other defense industries need the money.    So, I presume the deal is that Israel must spend the money back in the US, right?

  2. Lockheed Martin and Boeing all them going thru financial difficulties…They need a war ASAP before they go bankrupt. Its like manufacturing a car but have no body to buy them. only difference is one missile is 400 k-3 million instead of 12 k  to produce. Everyone know this deal is for Israel to prep for the preemptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Israel equipping and modernizing the Jets with the cloaking technology they stole from the passengers off the Malaysia air lines flight 370

  3. Illegal American Aid to Israel Breakdown:

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  5. I was waiting for that. I think it is 40million too high. Mossad has Linsey Graham on video pumping a teen boy somewhere.

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