Trump Calls Democrats Move To Impeach Him ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’

Fact checked

President Trump spoke to reporters for the first time since his supporters stormed the US Capitol last week as he traveled to an event in Texas on Tuesday.

Trump called the social media clampdown a ‘catastrophic mistake’ and also said that his speech before the US Capitol siege was ‘totally appropriate’.

“If you read my speech and many people have done……its been analyzed and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate,’ he said as he boarded Air Force One.

The president then described the plan by House Democrats to impeach him if he does not leave office as “absolutely ridiculous” and it was causing “tremendous anger” among voters

The Telegraph reports: Speaking as he boarded Marine One at the White House, Mr Trump called the second impeachment proceedings a “continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.”

It comes after Mike Pence, the US vice president, met with Mr Trump on Monday for the first time since rioters stormed the US Capitol last week, signaling a united front as Democratic efforts to impeach Trump gain momentum.

First, the House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on a longshot bid to get Mr Pence and the cabinet to invoke the US Constitution’s 25th Amendment, which would declare Trump unfit to perform his duties and install Mr Pence as acting president. Democrats will then follow up with impeachment proceedings, including a House vote expected Wednesday.


  1. It wasnt gus aupporters at all I saw them in video and knew they were actors straight away Read my posts preceding the event. And those there saw the facts Teump arrived almost an hour late for his speech and the supporters waited in the rain even and stayed for his speech The mob who stormed the building disnt They took off to the site without listening to the speech .The cops let them in waves them in took selfies with them even before the agent privicateurs started the violent scene action No cops were killed from it One committed suicide after the event and one had a stroke.Ive seen the footage if the lady being shot and it looks fake .Totally fake .And most of the photos released from the event look staged too .The Democrats set it ALL up by infiltrating Trumps event OBVIOUSLY TOO..They are liars frauds thieves and deceiving murderers Criminals of the highest order, ” democracy is the most bloodthirsty form of government the world has ever seen ” Ben Franklin Nothings changed since the murdering mob in Paris stormed the Bastille killing the employees and all just too release the 2 or 3 prisoners inside ,who were dirty rotten low life scumbags anyway .The rupert the Democrats would execute .

    • The type the Democrats would execute .How auto correct for rupert I’ll never know The wonders of big tech who will not let me turn off auto correct no matter how many times I do turn it off .they just turn it back on

  2. History is evidence beyond any reasonable doubt of tbe corruption and cri minality by the rule of law Centuries of evidence all covered up and ” interpreted ” as the opposite Presented to the deceived as the stability and security of rule of law You can take Edward the 6 ,I think heir of Henry 8 who to avoid legal nightmares and war with spain sensibly not choosing between illegitimate elizabeth daughter of the witch Anne or Mary daughter from Catherine the dubious ,first married to Henry’s older brother ,then widowed so I der rule of law had to be married to his heir Henry 8 But had to be virgin to marry the Heir so had to claim her marriage to her first husband was never consummated So annulable anyway and not a full legal marriage so no need to marry his brother because not really married to his elder brother anyway .All that .So Edward leaves the Throne to his cousin Jane Grey as his legal right to be safe and sensible and legal complication free But oh no the Catholics will have none of that and accuse Jane if treason and take her to the Tower and the criminal courts corrupt convict her and they cut that school.girls head off to give the throne to bloody Mary .That’s them .Their ” justice ” Same old same old. And theres THOUSANDS of examples if the rile of laws complete murderous corrupt bribed disgusting dishonest deceitful filthy lying crooked criminality littering every countries history .Right to the present minute .Right now with the stolen election . Trump does need to be afraid of their evil malice and their gross disregard and hatred of the truth and the facts of the matter .They are as if insane psychopaths and gabe been for centuries, Its their tradition .

  3. Apparently Pence has sent Pelosi a letter telling her that to invoke the 25 th amendment to punish someone would set a dangerous precedent ,that basically he wont support it and then quoted the bible to her telling g her to pull her head in ,get real and move forward .e pledged to her that he would ” continue to support her ” and contribute to a smooth transition for Joe B trans iitioin into the White House ” so help me God ” . Somethings up all right and nothing is what ot seems Theyre all getting ery cryptic if you ask me

  4. They should impeachie any president who pardens anyone.That only leads to more high crimes on marica-they should all be impeached after office to be fare to americans.Becoming president to parden lifetime mobsters and hidding behind self pardens is totally UNAMERICAN ACTIVES

  5. Bill clinton pardened senate bombers in 1983 so why are the DEMS pointing fingers at the GOP they are all corrupted drunk with power and forgetting and covering up the past.Remove the power of parden and vote in a popular vote or our country will fail via the lobby frat two class system of the downed

  6. They executed that sick beatch that killed the pregnant woman and cut her baby out of her womb. And the Demscum are calling the execution a “blood-lust”. DemonKKKrats are murderers!

    • What took them so long? Or were they waiting for a time like this to milk the death penalty as inhumane. That woman was so messed up, she’s better off dead.

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