RFK Jr. Vows To Destroy the ‘World Economic Forum’ if He Becomes President

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RFK Jr. vows to destroy the New World Order

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy junior has promised to destroy the ‘evil’ World Economic Forum (WEF) if he becomes President.

Joining Elon Musk on Twitter spaces on Monday, RFK Jr. said that his mission will be solely focussed on ending the globalists’ stranglehold on America.

Kennedy also vowed to issue an executive order to stop the unconstitutional censorship of Americans by the Deep State:

On the issue of gun control, RFK Jr. committed to protecting the Second Amendment at all costs, noting that most mass shootings in the U.S. are linked to Big Pharma drugs: 

Infowars.com reports: RFK Jr. also announced that he is going to the border this week to formulate a plan to address the humanitarian crisis that has exploded under Biden:

Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard joined the conversation, with the pair discussing bioweapons, and RFK Jr calling for shutting down dangerous programs:

Kennedy also asserted that “Covid was clearly a bioweapon”:

Kennedy stoked a distant long forgotten memory of how some on the left used to stand for true liberal American values.

Here is the full two hour exchange:

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