Former CIA Agent Admits Agency Created Gangster Rap to ‘Fill Private Prisons’ By ‘Glamorizing Criminality’

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CIA agent confesses agency created rap music to fill private prisons

John Homeston, a retired CIA agent, admitted this week on National Russian Television (NTV) that the CIA was behind the creation of gangster rap in the late 80s and 90s in order to “glamorize criminal behavior” and “fill private prisons.”

The government at the time spent “big money, serious money” on this covert operation designed to “further division” and “corrupt the American youth to nihilist, anti-establishment and anti-American ideologies”, he explained in a half hour interview.

Famous hip hop lyrics of the legendary hip hop outfit NWA were even scripted by a team of psychologists and war propagandists inside the CIA, according to the former agent. “F#ck the police,” and “When I’m called off, I got a sawed off / Squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off,” and other anti-establishment lyrics were intended to unleash a wave of cynicism towards authorities, promote the use of narcotics, and glamorize the gangster life in the minds of impressionable young people.

The CIA worked in tandem with music industry elite to create a “funnel” in which young people would be indoctrinated with brainwashing gangster rap music, introduced to a life of crime, and then delivered to the highly profitable private prison system. In order to create this “funnel”, the CIA introduced music industry owners to the private prison industry.

Once the “funnel” was in place, the system was a lock.

Some of the biggest names in the music industry are in cahoots with private prison owners. The gangster rap music that young people listen to is not only meant to entertain, but is designed to verbally and visually support criminal behavior that funnel young people into these private prisons.

In 2021, Core Civic, formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America, the biggest name in the private prisons industry, contacted 48 states offering to buy their prisons. There was one requirement of eligibility for the deal was particularly strange.

An assurance by the agency partner that the agency has sufficient inmate population to maintain a 90% occupancy rate over the term of the contract.

Corrections Corporation of America

Wait, what? What kind of legal and ethical measures can be undertaken to ensure the maintenance of a 90% occupancy rate” over the term of a contract?

Let’s work together to connect these dots.

In the year 2012 a mere 232 media executives in the US were responsible for controlling all avenues necessary to manufacture any celebrity and spark any trend.

Time Warner as the owner of Warner Brothers Records could not only sign an artist, but since they are also owners of Entertainment Weekly, they can also put an artist on the cover of magazines by next week.

You think you choose what you listen to, but do you really?

Here’s the kicker. BET and MTV are owned by Viacom. When ownership of these mass media conglomerates is cross-checked with the biggest names in private prison ownership, things start to get more than a little fishy.

The largest owner of Core Civic, formerly Corrections Corporation of America, is Vanguard Group Incorporated. Vanguard is the number one largest holder in both Viacom and Time Warner. Vanguard is also the largest holder in the GEO Group, the second largest owner of private prisons in the entire USA.

The crossover in ownership of the music industry and private prisons is beyond disturbing. Let’s make this clear. The people who own the media and are responsible for putting gangster rap at the center of youth culture are the very same people who own private prisons.

They make money from getting gangsters in the ‘hood to glorify the lives they lead. They don’t care about the impact on society because money is their only God. Then when the gangster rap they are promoting influences young people to engage in criminal behavior, they make even more money from all the impressionable low-income people of color who fill their private prisons.

Homeston also claims Lyor Cohen, also known as the Tall Israeli who runs hip hop, is a CIA asset.

A music industry executive who was present at the first meeting between CIA, private prison and music industry executives has written a confessional letter detailing exactly what went down on that fateful day.
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