Is This A Cloud Monster? Or The Chitauri?

Fact checked

The picture above was posted on Facebook by user Clarissa Greene who took the picture of the strange looking cloud while driving on the I-40 highway. Some are saying it looks like a cloud monster, whilst others liken it to the Chitauri. 

Her picture quickly went viral, being shared nearly 70,000 times in the space of a few days.

Her only comment of the picture is:

Wow!! This is amazing? What do YOU think it could be? The was taken on I-40 headed toward pigeon forge

What do you think this is? Are these the infamous cloud monsters we reported a week ago? Or perhaps its an apparition of the Chitauri (a powerful, technologically-advanced race of extraterrestrial cyborg-like creatures).



Whatever it is, it caught our attention! Comment below to let us know what you think of the picture.