Three Killed After Learner Driver Plunges Car Into River

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A teenage learner driver mistakenly put her foot on the accelerator of her car instead of the brake and drove through railings into a river, killing herself and two others.

The incident happened on August 14 in Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, China.

river Daily Mail reports:

She was driving her father’s car with her dad, sister and another friend when she crashed into the river in Zhongshan City, south China’s Guangdong province on August 14, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The car dropped more than 10 feet before it landed upside down in the water, submerging the passengers.river

According to reports, the 19-year-old surnamed Wu was driving on a learner’s licence and needed to be accompanied by a qualified driver.

She stepped on the accelerator peddle thinking it was the brake, forcing the car forwards and into the river.

The driver, her father, 51, and her sister’s school friend, 17, were all killed in the accident.

Her younger sister, 16, is currently in a coma in intensive care.

Local residents rushed over to try and free the family and police were called to the scene.

Villagers used ropes to flip the vehicle onto its side and then smashed two windows to free the family. They had been in the water for half an hour.river

After unsuccessful attempts to revive them, the driver, father and the school friend were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the incident.

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