London Mob Terrorise Nigel Farage And Kids At Pub, Kids Terrified

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The leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, was chased out of a pub on Sunday while out with his wife and two younger children. 

An angry mob outside of the pub jumped on the politicians car bonnet and left his children so terrified they ran away and hid from the demonstrators. 

BBC News reports:

Mr Farage later branded them “scum”.

Mr Farage, who is standing in Kent’s Thanet South constituency in May’s general election, said: “I hope these ‘demonstrators’ are proud of themselves. My children were so scared by their behaviour that they ran away to hide.

“… A relative has gone to look for them, and they are not yet at home. These people are scum.”

Mr Farage’s children aged 15 and 10 were understood to have later been found.

Protest organiser Dan Glass said the group was in fancy dress to stage “a cabaret of diversity” and included migrants, HIV activists, gay people, disabled people and breastfeeding mothers.

He said about 100 people took part, and added: “UKIP are a con. They pretend to be anti-establishment but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“By wrongfully shifting the blame for the economic crisis on to immigrants they have let the bankers off the hook.”

He said that was why the “diverse communities” had taken their cultures to Mr Farage’s local pub.

Staff at the Queen’s Head refused to comment. The George & Dragon said protesters had initially claimed they were there for a birthday party.

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