Obama Officials Are Still Making Deals with World Leaders like They Are Still in Charge

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Obama administration officials caught making deals with world leaders as if they are still in charge

Obama administration officials, including Barack Obama and John Kerry, are still meeting and making deals with world leaders. 

Recently, former Secretary of State John Kerry called on President Trump to resign during a pompous speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Freedom Outpost reports: While Kerry’s statement has been carried by many media sources, as well as him being asked if he plans to run for president in 2020, no one is asking the most important question of all: Why is Kerry still attending important world functions and meeting with world leaders?

Since Donald Trump became president in 2016, both John Kerry and Barack H. Obama have been traveling around the world, on our dime, acting as if they were still running the USA. Both attended the Climate Summit, met with world leaders in their own countries numerous times, and Kerry even met with Iranian officials and other world leaders to try to save the nuclear deal President Trump scrapped.

Presumably, the flight Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and other Socialist Leftists were going to take recently on an extravagant world vacation disguised as a business trip to visit troops in Afghanistan and other stops in Egypt and Europe would have coincided with some of Kerry’s itinerary. This means that key people in the former Obama Administration are still acting as if Obama were still president by making deals with world leaders. The meetup with Kerry, Obama, and others by the Pelosi entourage tells us that the US is being governed by two factions. The legitimate government of the Trump Administration, but also the Defacto US government of the Obama reign.

The fact that we have key players from the former Obama government still acting as our legitimate government and many Leftists in power now, who obviously recognize Barack H. Obama as their leader and not the Trump administration, should deeply disturb us. Not only is this an act of defiance against the current administration that was put in power by the citizens of the USA, but it is a blatant act of treason against the people by the former administration and government officials currently in office.

The US is and has been in a quiet, for the most part, Civil War since citizens outrightly rejected the NWO neo-Nazism mantra in electing Donald Trump to not only Make America Great Again, but to actually Make America the United States of America again.

The organized mobs such as ANTIFA and BLM, financed by George Soros and organized by Obama, whose job it is to put down any semblance of support of nationalism in the US, most of the time violently, shows us we citizens are headed into armed conflict with anti-American factions within our own government.

This armed conflict will not bode well for the anti-American factions trying to destroy the US, as most law enforcement and all military will side with US National Patriots and they’re officially sworn in President, Donald Trump.


  1. USA is the most terrible country in the world.
    Trump is gay because he had a relation with Adelson and now married to a trannie.

    will pay for all what they did to the people of the world! And the rest
    of the pathetic ‘rulers’ who are kissing the cunt of the USA.

    God is great and there will be justice!

  2. Obama and Kerry will be done when satan tells them so, what they do is not their own decision. Its the same reason kiss and all these old bands never stop performing even tho they have all the money in the world, its not up to them, they sold their souls for the riches and fame, and now they pay their debt for that for ever!

  3. obummer needs to sit down and shut up, he is no longer in politics and has no business going around meeting with world leaders. he is a disgrace to our country, did nothing but cause issues, funded terrorists and civil uprise.

  4. These people need to be charged with crimes against the Constitution of the United States. They have ZERO authority to do this, and nothing they do would hold up in court; it ‘aint legal!

  5. This is JUST INSANE. Never in AMERICAN history has a former president NOT ONLY Try to illegally SPY And set up the incoming president…but actually REFUSE to step aside. This is a violation of THE LOGAN ACT. Nit to mention TREASON. This country is doomed. These blatant SNAKES are DETERMINED TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. SCARY AND INSANE

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