SouthWest Airlines cancels over 2,000 flights in 2 days

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Southwest Airlines canceled over 2,000 flights during the weekend Saturday, causing havoc among thousands of passengers in America.

Southwest Airlines canceled over 2,000 flights during the weekend Saturday, causing havoc among thousands of passengers in America.

Southwest’s cancellations continued into Monday with a further 363 flights cancelled. reports: The airline has already said it would trim its fall schedules to avoid cancellations and delays that plagued its operation during the summer. Now the carrier is weighing whether it needs to cut more.

Mike Van de Ven the Dallas-based airline’s COO who was also promoted to president last month, told staff late Sunday that Southwest is still short-staffed and “we’ll need to continue to adjust our schedules as this environment evolves.”

“We’ve already made significant reductions from our previously published November and December schedules, and if we think we need to do more, we will,” Van de Ven said in a recorded message to employees, which was reviewed by CNBC.

Southwest shares lost 4.2% on Monday to close at $51.67. American added 0.3% to end at $20.13, United was nearly unchanged at $49.18, and Delta fell 0.4% to $43.19.

In August, Southwest reduced its schedule in hopes of fixing its operational struggles over the summer that regularly led to dozens of flight cancellations. Pilots, flight attendants and other staff complained about exhaustion from their grueling schedules.

The weekend’s issues came amid speculation that they were driven by staff’s excessive sick calls tied to a federal vaccine mandate for government contractors that Southwest told employees this month it would enforce this fall.

Southwest said that was “inaccurate” and “unfounded.” Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association said pilot sick calls were in line with averages seen over the last few months as were the numbers of crews picking up open shifts, but declined to provide specifics.

The airline, like some of its rivals, has been struggling with staffing shortfalls for months. Southwest and other carriers urged staff to take buyouts or leave during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, only to have demand bounce back faster than expected.

Van de Ven, Southwest’s president, acknowledged the airline “is still not were we need to be on staffing, and in particular with Flight Crews.”

“Our models use various assumptions” for the use of backup staff, known as reserve, open trips, weather, as well as sick time and overtime and “we seem to be closer to those levels during the week and then the staffing is tight during the weekends.”

[Update: Headline and article updated to reflect new information and statement’s by Southwest Airline as to the cause of the flight cancellations.]


  1. Do you think they don’t already have a contingency plan for this?
    Of course they do
    How many pilotless planes did just United airlines purchase?
    Stop complying by flying

  2. If any of the green new world deal were sincere rhe very first thing they would ground is airline traffic except for essential mail deliveries The tourism industry is not important enough to endanger rhe planet with tens of thousands of jets flying 24/7 365 burning millions of gallons of fuel and spreading diseases globally.

    • 10,000 pilots is far too many planes. Its an evil industry that promotes disease transmission globally, and of diseases they haven’t even discovered exist especially, new diseases, as well as polluting the air and causing major distress to those unlucky enough to live near airports and the hotels the industry supports as well as the stupid souvenir business of total crap. The hotels should be turned into apartments and rhe dumps into homeless shelters. There’s a solution to housing shortages straight away.

  3. Kudos to the pilots and air traffic controllers for their beliefs.. Biden’s mandate does not include Congress, Why is this pick n’ chose allowed to go on by “No Balls Joe”……………..F*ck Joe Biden

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