Pentagon Mapping US For Domestic Insurgents

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US Army Special Operations Command- Europe
US Army Special Operations Command- Europe_Flintlock Senegal 2005

The Pentagon is using Facebook and Twitter To map political enemies in the US, including religious groups, libertarians, constitutionalists and patriots.

EU Times reports: What does “Master the Human Domain” on the Jade Helm 15 logo mean?

“Human Domain,” like “unconventional warfare” are terms of art for military and law enforcement. Painting Texas & Utah red and labeling them “hostile” is just the tip of the intel iceberg that seeks to overlay a human geological map onto a physical geological map to track individuals.
Rob Dew and David Knight take a look at this obscure part of the military/police industrial complex and how it relates to Jade Helm.




US Army Special Operations Command- Europe
Senegal Army soldiers and U.S. Army Special Operations Command-Europe soldiers perform a static-line parachute jump from an MC-130 Talon above Dakar, Senegal, during Exercise Flintlock ’05 on June 18, 2005. Courtesy of U.S. Department Of Defense.


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