ISIS Occupy 5-Star Hotel, Alcohol And Smoking Banned

Fact checked

ISIS have seized control of a 5-star hotel in Iraq and moved in, adopting a slightly different business model than the previous owners had.  

The Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul, Iraq has been renovated by the terrorist organisation, and photographs released on Twitter reveal the new hotel will be open for IS commanders and jihadi brides exclusively. 

Yahoo News reports:

The 262-room hotel was once voted as one of the best places to stay in Iraq, and boasted amenities like ballrooms, restaurants, a pool, and tennis courts. While the violence IS has been linked to is anything but sophisticated, the group has restored all of this five-star retreat’s refined features to their original glory. The bar has also been spruced up, but will only serve water and soft drinks. Alcohol, smoking, dancing and breaking the dress code are all strictly prohibited.

As the Islamic State’s black flag continues to wave from the hotel’s flag post, here are some photos showing the group’s most recent occupation.

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