WikiLeaks: Barack Obama Connected To Journalist Assassination

Fact checked
WikiLeaks reveals that Barack Obama was connected to the assassination of journalist Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings, the American journalist who died in a car crash as a result of a covert CIA assassination, had been one of Barack Obama’s biggest political adversaries. 

Michael Hastings died in a car crash in 2013 when his vehicle uncontrollably accelerated and burst into a ball of flames.

According to WikiLeaks, Hastings had contacted their lawyer Jennifer Robinson back in 2013, just hours before he was killed – claiming he was being targeted by the American government for exposing their crimes. reports:

The journalist was investigating the surveillance state growing in America. Hastings was researching the actions of CIA Director John Brennan in particular.

During an investigation into the Justice Department by multiple reporters in 2013, Hastings deemed the infringement upon the freedom of the press by Obama to effectively be a “war” on journalism. His last published article was entitled, “Why Democrats Love to Spy On Americans.” It was published on June 7 by Buzzfeed.

Hastings’s fiery car crash happened on June 18 in Los Angeles. Hastings made contact with Wikileaks before he got into his own car after being refused the loan of his neighbor’s vehicle because it was in need of repair.

The email he sent to Julian Assange’s group appeared to have been written by a man fearing for his life. Hastings told WikiLeaks the FBI was investigating him.

The neighbor, Jordanna Thigpen, said Michael Hastings knocked on her door around midnight and said he was too afraid to drive his own car and wanted to leave town immediately. Thigpen said he was “scared” and in a hurry to get away from his home.

The Vault#7 WikiLeaks documents also maintain the CIA, and presumably other federal intelligence agencies, can also remotely hack into planes to carry out remote assassinations. How long has the federal government possessed such technology?

If the CIA had such power during the Bill Clinton era, that would possibly solve a lot of mysteries. Multiple planes carrying Clinton foes, or people the career politician couple considered to be loose ends, crashed under suspicious and still unknown circumstances.