Klaus Schwab Announces He’s Bringing Forward the End of Car Ownership

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World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has officially announced the end of car ownership while speaking at the World Government Summit in the Middle East.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has officially announced the end of car ownership while speaking at the World Government Summit in the Middle East.

Speaking before an audience of Arabs and Chinese globalist bureaucrats, Schwab warned the world that by 2030 there will be no more private cars as part of its Great Reset plan for humanity.

According to Schwab, who previously announced private cars would be outlawed by 2050, the global elite are bringing forward the end of car ownership to 2030, just over six years away, because the people of the world are waking up to the agenda of the globalist elite, and major changes must be pushed through ASAP before the opposition becomes too great.

There is just one problem for Schwab and his cronies in the halls of Davos and at the World Government Summit. The people have already woken up and we will not allow the globalist elite to dictate our future.

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In just six years there will be no more private cars, according to Schwab, who boasted that the city of Los Angeles has assured him they are on track to meet the Agenda 2030 goal.

In Schwab’s vision of the future, the world will be so depopulated that there will be no need for highways and the elite will be able to turn them into parks.

Schwab has long warned that private cars are on his hit-list, vowing to ban them for everybody in the world except people with exceptionally high social credit scores. And when you read between the lines regarding what they mean by that, they are clearly referring to themselves, the elite, as the only people who will be allowed to drive cars in the future.

And now we have evidence the elite are bringing forward the goal in line with the Agenda 2030 plan to reset humanity.

In a paper published by the WEF, the Davos elite claim that communal sharing of cars must become part of a “circular approach” in order to reduce global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.

The pronouncements of Klaus Schwab and his minions are becoming more out of touch with reality by the day. The situation would almost be funny if the WEF hadn’t penetrated the cabinets of governments of Western democracies with treasonous double agents doing their bidding.

These so-called Young Global Leaders are now receiving instructions from Davos that ordinary, hard-working people must be priced out of the market with massive gas price hikes.

We have already seen what that looks like under Biden’s disastrous presidency. The bad news? If the Democrats are re-elected, you will need to prepare for worse. Much worse.

While the elite are allowed to own whatever cars they want, the rest of us are being priced out of the market altogether. Cars in 2030 are set to become as exclusive as private jets today. Make no mistake, this is orchestrated and intentional. And we’ve got the receipts.

According to a document the WEF issued to its legion of Young Global Leaders, the gas prices we have experienced under Biden are simply not high enough. As though ordinary people aren’t suffering enough pain at the gas pump, Klaus Schwab is claiming the current prices are severely “underpriced.”

Part of the WEF’s “circular approach” appears to be driving already sky-high gas prices even higher.

The WEF article is complicated and disingenuous, but it basically calls for an end to any and all tax credits for oil, gas and coal production — along with the introduction of much higher taxes.

This idea isn’t new. Basically it’s the same idea as pricing fossil fuels based upon their carbon content. The result would make gas and car ownership an unaffordable luxury for the vast majority of the population.

Far-left cities are falling over themselves to sign up to the treasonous globalist agenda.

14 American cities have already signed a World Economic Forum treaty that legally compels them to ban private car ownership by the year 2030. And if this idea isn’t radical enough on its own, these cities have also pledged to reduce meat and dairy consumption to zero.

That’s right, zero.

Travel will be severely restricted, limited to one flight every three years, and we will only be allowed to purchase three new outfits per year.

Welcome to techno-communist hell.

These WEF-infiltrated U.S. cities have formed a coalition called the “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group” and their dystopian goals can be found in their report titled “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World.”

Perhaps the least surprising part of this report is the news that the elite will be totally exempt from the new rules about cars, meat, dairy, travel and clothes. Why are they exempted from the draconian rules, you ask? Why, because they are supposedly “part of the solution” to climate change.

This is the same logic globalist billionaire Bill Gates is already using when he is asked why he is flying around the world on one of his four private jets, giving lectures about climate change and ordering people to stop taking commercial flights to visit relatives or take hard-earned vacations.

It’s one rule for me and another for thee.

Unfortunately the reporter didn’t follow up by asking Gates if he offset the carbon from any of the 27 flights he took to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island aboard the Lolita Express.

That’s why we need to replace the mainstream media to hold the globalist elite to account. At the moment they are getting away with murder and the mainstream media are refusing to hold them to account.

Take last month for example, when the billionaire eugenicist himself admitted that the official climate change narrative the mainstream media have been spoon-feeding us for decades is in actual fact a lie.

According to Gates in 2023, the world will not end as a result of climate change and no temperate country is going to become uninhabitable.

These new comments are in stark contrast to the doom-mongering Gates was issuing in 2021, when he famously warned of apocalyptic consequences if the world does not achieve zero net carbon emissions in the next few years.

But we shouldn’t be surprised Gates has performed a U-turn on climate.

Gates has the cunning of a criminal psychopath. He understands the propaganda isn’t working anymore and must resonate with the majority to prevent going the way of Bud Light.  

And he has always known the truth.

Bill Gates was caught admitting to his inner circle that the climate change agenda is a WEF scam in a video in which he boasts that his term “clean energy” has successfully “screwed up people’s minds.”

As you can see in the leaked footage, the fact that renewable energy is not actually capable of solving climate change, despite being sold to us as the cure for so-called man made global warming, is hysterically funny for Bill Gates.

Damning stuff, I’m sure you will agree. But Gates has a history of being – suspiciously – one step ahead of major world disasters. And capitalizing on them when they arrive.

They really think they have it all worked out and that we won’t notice and hold them to account.

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