CDC Urge Public To Have Covid Boosters Warning Protection Is Decreasing & Winter Wave Is Looming

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Even though the number of covid cases numbers are currently falling, Americans should not be lulled into thinking they do not need another booster jab according to Doctors ar the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

With the threat of another wave looming, health officials are urging the public to get the latest booster shot to stave off the worst effect.

Here we go again……but how many people will roll their sleeves up again?

The Express reports: Speaking at an event in Boston on Wednesday, CDC Director Mandy Cohen explained: “What I want folks to understand is that protection is decreasing over time – and this virus is changing.

“Yes, you may have had Covid a while back, and that gives you some protection.

“But to get the most protection against this form of the Covid virus that’s circulating right now, get the updated Covid vaccine.”

Professor Ashish Jha is a global health expert and the former White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, having served in this role from 2022–23.

At an online event last week, US News reported, Jha said: “In terms of today, where we are, it is clear we had this late summer wave.

“It really appears to have crested and is heading down, but as we head into the winter months… Each of the last few winters we have seen the virus come back up again.

“My expectation is [that] we’re going to see a further decline within probably the next month or two, and then we’re going to see the virus starting to rise again as we get into the holidays and beyond.”

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