#DemExit Threatens To Fracture DNC – Media Told Not To Cover Movement

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Thousands of disenfranchised Democratic party members who feel their voice was trampled on by the DNC have begun the #DemExit.

Despite desperate attempts by the Democratic National Committee and mainstream media to show convention attendees gathered in unity behind Hillary Clinton – the establishment’s planned nominee, as proved by the recent Wikileaks release – thousands of disenfranchised rank-and-file party members who feel their democratic voice was trampled on by the DNC have begun the #DemExit.

According to Underground Reporter:

Following the formal announcement of Hillary’s nomination, massive protests erupted among those who felt betrayed by Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of the former Secretary of State and who vowed to continue what he, at one time, called a political revolution against the Democratic establishment.

Indeed, Sanders delegates staged a massive walkout. Feeling disenfranchised over the Clinton takeover of the electoral process, they marched into one of the DNC’s media tents to try to have their voices heard — though, unsurprisingly, corporate media hardly bothered to give protesters a nod.

DNC officials went to great lengths to give the façade of party unity behind Clinton, even installing white noise machines over state delegations previously found to be disruptive, and even filling seats with ‘scabs’ — paid non-delegate, Hillary-apparel-wearing seat-fillers — to complete the false image of support for the nominee.

It’s a dog-and-pony show,” said Sanders delegate from New Mexico, Seamus Berkeley, of the convention, as the Washington Times reported. “They’re shutting down opposition and making it look like everyone is falling in line.”

As the Times noted, on the first day Sanders addressed the crowd, party officials doled out signs for the audience bearing the all-too ironic slogan, “Stronger together.”

In fact, protesting delegates either had their signs collected by party officials or, as California Bernie Sanders delegate Eden McFadden explained during a livestream to Facebook, were subjected to a coordinated effort in which scabs would be told to stand to physically block any overt protest inside the convention.

But that appearance has only been thinly protected by mainstream media’s continued doting on Clinton — as would be expected following revelations of massive collusion between major news outlets and the DNC to defame Sanders and his backers throughout the primary season.

In response, Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein initiated the wildly successful hashtag campaign, #DemExit, to bring awareness to third parties and show disenfranchised voters they aren’t obligated to stand behind a ticket so rife with proven corruption.

Many former Sanders delegates planned to join the mass exodus from the Democratic Party and support for Clinton in response to having been stymied in every attempt to call attention to voter disenfranchisement or demand accountability for the corruption now evidenced in the over 20,000-document leak.

For a number of Sanders’ supporters, however, the DNC leak only marked the icing on the cake of a season fraught with suppression, likely electoral fraud, a debate schedule heavily favoring Clinton, and flagrantly false party claims of neutrality — all of this made worse when DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was promptly snatched up by the Clinton campaign following her humiliating resignation.

A class action lawsuit is now in the works, contending, “among other things, that the bias of the DNC means that Sanders supporters basically threw their money away when they supported his campaign in good faith.

Undoubtedly, the #DemExit will gain momentum in the days to come — with or without the help of Clinton’s mainstream media mouthpiece.

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