‘Woke’ Major League Baseball Debunked! Most Americans Support Georgia Voter ID Law

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Major League Baseball debunked as poll finds most African Americans support Georgia's election voting ID law

After Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver in protest to Georgia’s voter ID law, a new poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans back the voting integrity law.

Despite President Biden attempting to undermine Georgia’s new law as racist, once Americans discovered what the law was really about, they became less supportive of MLB’s ‘woke’ decision to leave Atlanta.

Onenewsnow.com reports: In the face of the MLB’s claim that the Georgia voting law does not reflect to values of baseball fans, a nationwide poll commissioned by The Daily Wire and conducted by SpiderMonkey on 1,026 Americans – 34% Democrats, 31% Republicans and 35% independents – shows that more than three out of four Americans see nothing wrong (or discriminatory) about requiring a drivers license or state ID when requesting absentee ballots.

“[D]espite an avalanche of negative media coverage, key provisions of Georgia’s new election law are actually popular, [as] 78% of respondents – including a majority of Democrats, MLB fans, non-white Americans, and all age groups – support the law’s ID requirement for absentee voting,” The Daily Wire divulged. “[Additionally], 63% of respondents, including a majority of non-whites and 48% of Democrats, support Georgia’s law restrictions on the handing out of gifts, including refreshments, to voters near polling stations and voting lines. Meanwhile, 67% of respondents – including a majority of Democrats and non-whites – support Georgia’s new policies regulating ballot drop boxes.”

When Americans found out that the new law combats voter fraud, manipulation of the system and tactics used by the left that opens up ballot harvesting, most supported the legislation.

“Those surveyed agreed with voter ID requirements, banning the practice of line warming (partisan organizations handing out gifts – such as food and water – to voters waiting in line) and a policy allowing election offices to only send ballot request forms to voters who have requested them (absentee voting rather than universal mail-in),” The Western Journal noted.

Furthermore, after seeing through Democrats’ and the mainstream media’s tactics of inciting racial tensions over a bill that merely requires the same ID that voters must provide before voting in-person, most Americans saw absolutely nothing wrong with the law … once they got their facts straight.

“The study also finds that support for the Georgia law grew significantly after Americans learned about its major provisions,” The Daily Wire explained. “Initially, 42% of Americans said they were supportive of the law and 38% opposed it, [but] after learning about the legislation, 71% said they were ‘more supportive’ of the Georgia law. While 55% of Americans polled were initially supportive of MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, over half (54%) said they became ‘less supportive’ of the league’s action after learning what the new Georgia election law contains.”  

Hey, MLB, Coke and Delta, stay out of politics!

A big message was voiced by American consumers after the MLB, Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines used their influence to stage their leftist political posturing – essentially alienating half of their clientele.

“According to the poll results, MLB’s political activism is alienating fans, [as] 64% of Americans – including a majority of MLB fans, Delta Air Line customers, and Coca-Cola consumers – told the researchers they are less likely to support companies and organizations that insert themselves into political issues and debates,” the poll revealed. “[Furthermore], 70% of all respondents agree with the statement: ‘Corporations and sports teams should generally stay out of politics.’”   

The Daily Wire stressed that its poll shines light on how Democrats and mainstream media’s misinformation can impact American minds.

“Based on what President Joe Biden and his media cronies preach, one would think the law specifically targets the black community and the ‘disenfranchised,’” the conservative daily asserted. “President Biden has gone so far as to call the law ‘Jim Crow on steroids,’ but as The Daily Wire study shows, minorities are strongly supportive of much of the law.”

Echelon Insights pollster Patrick Ruffini argues that once Americans are given the facts – rather than political propaganda to spur racial divisions – most support the Republican legislation.

“Corporations are quickly learning that the new Georgia law is not the second coming of Jim Crow, as it was sold by Stacey Abrams,” Ruffini told The Daily Wire. “In more than one poll, a plurality of Americans support the law-and over two-thirds are on board with its key provisions – including on voter ID and its changes to absentee and early voting. These results show that the Georgia law is in line with a broad bipartisan consensus among Americans that it should be easy to vote but hard to cheat.”

It is argued that the poll sends a clear message to corporate America.

“Americans do not want their sports politicized – we tune in to sports to get away from the vitriol that comes with politics,” The Daily Wire report impressed. “Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with major corporations inserting themselves into the political debate and conversation.”

Then it gave another case and point for the MLB to consider. 

“Will Major League Baseball and other major corporations realize this before it’s too late? The NBA sure did,” the daily noted. “During the NBA restart in Orlando, NBA courts were plastered with ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogans and social justice messaging was seen on the back of jerseys, but this hasn’t continued into the 2020-2021 season.”

It was further impressed that if professional sports continue to use their influence to try and push political agendas, they should be prepared to pay a major price in profits. 

“As it’s becoming increasingly obvious that over half the country is turned off by sports becoming woke, leagues will have a decision to make,” The Daily Wire concluded. “Do they continue to feed into the lies the left rams down our throats … or will they take a step back, look at the facts and make an informed decision?”

More proof the MLB was wrong …

Another recent poll shows that 42% of Americans support Georgia’s new voting law, compared to 36% opposing it, according to Morning Consult.

And when asked about the MLB’s decision to pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta over the law, even less supported America’s pastime – even though some fans who get their news from the mainstream media or sports announcers stand behind the MLB.

“In addition, less than 40% of the adults surveyed supported MLB’s move to relocate the game,” Fox News reported from the poll. “Support for the relocation was stronger, however, among self-described MLB fans (48%) and among self-described ‘avid’ MLB fans (62%), the results said.”

When it comes to party lines, there were major divisions.

“[The poll showed] 65% of Democrats favored the game being relocated, while only 14% of Republicans approved of the move,” Fox News reported. “Among independents, the most frequent response to the game’s relocation was ‘Don’t know/No opinion,’ with 43% of independents answering that way. Supporters and opponents were equally split, 29% to 29% among the non-affiliated.”

However, most blacks and whites did not support the MLB’s decision.

“As for racial lines, a quarter of whites and a quarter of people of color both supported the relocation of the game,” Fox noted.

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