Child Mauled By Police Dog, Public Saves Child’s Life

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A 13-year-old child was almost killed by a police dog who jumped out of an unlocked police car and began attacking the child.

A passer-by managed to intervene and stop the child from being killed by the dog. reports:

“He’s hurt, you know? He probably won’t ever walk out of here again, because he’s scared,” said John Jocobo, the child’s father.

The child is in recovery after a police attack dog lunged out of a patrol car and began mauling him.

The animal was supposed to be locked inside the police patrol car, but for reasons unknown, it was free to jump out and start attacking the innocent child.

“I want answers,” said John.

“The dog spotted him and just started chasing him,” he continued.

John then showed graphic photos of his son’s frail arm, revealing where the animal’s fangs pierced into the child’s skin.

The child was minding his own business and simply walking home from a friend’s house when the police-trained animal began scampering toward him.

The animal literally lunged onto the child, mauled him, and began dragging him as if the child were a piece of prey.

Once the animal’s teeth were hooked into the child’s arm, it “started to try and drag him all over the place by his arm,” says the father.

The child was about to be killed, but that’s when a courageous bystander jumped in and intervened to save him.

The citizen restrained the dog and stopped the potentially fatal attack.

“…it was actually a bystander that pulled the dog off my son and was laying on it in the middle of the road waiting for someone to come help him,” said John.

The police were not around during the attack, and it is unknown what they were doing, according to reports.

“There’s two things wrong that happened that I want to know. What’s wrong with the car, first. Second, why did that dog attack a person that was walking away and is a child?” asked the child’s father.

“It’s going to affect him for a long time… he thought he was going to die by something that is supposed to protect you,” he continued.

He is thankful that a neighbor had the courage to act decisively and save his son.

“I’m so grateful for him because he was there when I wasn’t. He became that man. I wasn’t there and he was and I appreciate him,” said John.

The officer and the attack dog are currently out of service while an investigation is conducted to determine why the dog was allowed to get out of the car and maul the child.

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  1. If it’s proven that the child did nothing to provoke the attack? The dog should be put down. The real crime here is that if the neighbor had needed to kill the K9 to save the child, that neighbor would be charged with the murder of a police officer, and may not even survive long enough to stand trial.

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