Pro-Vaccine Doctor Comes Clean: “We Were Fooled – the Vaccines Are Poison”

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Pro-Vaxx doctor comes clean: we were fooled - the vaccines are poison.

A pro-vaccine doctor who encouraged thousands of patients to take the COVID-19 vaccine during the pandemic has admitted that the vaccines are actually poison, and has apologized for being fooled by Big Pharma and not doing her own due diligence.

Annette Bosworth aka Dr. Boz, who ‘had all the people she loved vaccinated,’ uploaded a video to YouTube discussing a study detailing Covid vaccine harms, which she described as ‘the biggest crime in the history of medicine’.

“How long is it going to take before the world would trust, that I will trust what they’re telling me,” she said during her live-streamed video. “Then what was my part in it, how could I have been a little more…again I had all of my kids vaccinated, I had all the people I love vaccinated and when you look back and say dang, look at what it did, especially the kids…anyway…I say that to you to say, this information is out there, I don’t know how long this report will be there.” reports: She also mentioned that regardless of the video topics she made, her viewers would comment about how she’s wrong that the vaccine is safe, indicating that there is a massive public interest in and knowledge on the topic of vaccine side effects.

The study has since been retracted due to concerns with the validity and accuracy of some of the sources, something that Dr. Boz even said she expected to happen in her video, saying that people should view the study while it’s still there, yet not casting doubt on it’s validity.

While that study had been retracted, it is just one of many (most of which have not been retracted) that chronicle massive harm from the Covid shots.

“Re-analysis of the Pfizer trial data identified statistically significant increases in serious adverse events (SAEs) in the vaccine group. Numerous SAEs were identified following the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), including death, cancer, cardiac events, and various autoimmune, hematological, reproductive, and neurological disorders. Furthermore, these products never underwent adequate safety and toxicological testing in accordance with previously established scientific standards. Among the other major topics addressed in this narrative review are the published analyses of serious harms to humans, quality control issues and process-related impurities, mechanisms underlying adverse events (AEs), the immunologic basis for vaccine inefficacy, and concerning mortality trends based on the registrational trial data,” the study said in the ‘Abstract’ section.

Dr. Peter McCullough recently discussed the terror that the vaccinated now face while he was interviewed by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

“Understanding what’s happening is slow. It’s very very psychological,” McCullough said. “I think once people take the vaccines they just can’t psychologically handle the idea that it could’ve been a giant personal health mistake. And most people who took the vaccines, they’ll tell you…they’ll say, ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ That means psychologically they can’t handle it.”

The Covid shots are known to increase in lethality after repeated doses, increase Covid infection rates, result in insane and gross turbo cancers, reproductive destruction, cause miscarriages, paralyzation, increase excess death rates, autoimmune disorders in the thyroid, as well as deadly headaches, seizures and heart inflammation in addition to a multitude of serious ailments seen in massive population studies and contain hundreds of times the allowable levels of DNA contamination leading to mutagenic effects, contaminating the blood supply, as well as permanently altering the DNA of the vaccinated and their offspring while being expected to kill people for a very long time into the future.

In the U.S. the CDC recommends all Americans receive their Covid shot and that young children receive extra, while Canada recommends another Covid shot for the pregnant, indigenous, ‘racialized’ & ‘equity-deserving’.

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