Pensioner Dies After Searching For Missing Dog

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A 77-year-old dog owner from Siberia died from a heart attack after failing to find his beloved dog.

Vladimir Davydov died from a broken heart when he failed to find his “only friend in this life,” a nine year old German Shepherd called Yan.

Yan went missing in February when dog snatchers took him from outside his front yard.

Davydov vowed to find his best friend, making vigils in freezing weather and holding signs asking for help to find Yan in Bratsk, Siberia.

dogMetro reports:

He described the nine-year-old animal as his ‘only friend in this life’ – and even wandered around in -15c temperatures in the hope of tracking the animal.

But Vladimir tragically died of a heart attack on April 1 without ever tracking down the animal.

Vladimir always maintained that Yan had been stolen, and even recalled how the dog disappeared as he filed paperwork after being sacked from his job as a night watchman after suffering a thigh injury.

He said: ‘Suddenly I heard my boy

‘By the time I reached the gate on my crutch, he was no longer there. I saw only a blue car disappearing.


‘I ask God, let them give me back my dog.’

But one of the volunteers who helped Vladimir, Daria Tatarninoka, has now launched an inspired social media campaign to raise funds for his funeral.

She wrote: ‘Dear members of the group. Our old man has died. The one about whom we worried most of all, Vladimir Davydov. The one whom we helped all together to search for his friend Yan. I think it is our common case – to help with his funeral.’inside_vladimir_and_yan

Over £830 has now been raised for Vladimir’s funeral.

Daria added: ‘I didn’t think people would respond so well but they are emotional over this situation.’

It’s hoped that the money raised for the funeral will also go towards a small monument for Vladimir and his dog.


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