Hacker Who Tried Exposing Clinton Foundation’s Ties To ISIS Faces Jail

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Hacker who attempted to expose Clinton Foundation ties to ISIS faces jail time

A hacker who attempted to expose the link between the Clinton Foundation and ISIS is now facing a 42-year prison sentence. 

Timothy Sedlak delved into the Clinton Foundation computers in an attempt to publicly disclose evidence that the Foundation is guilty of providing support to terrorist networks such as ISIS in the Middle East.

WikiLeaks released evidence in 2016 that proved Hillary knew that two of her mega-donors – Qatar and Saudi Arabia – were pouring money into ISIS.

The hacking attempt by Seklek was likely part of an effort to uncover more concrete proof of the Foundation’s financial connections with terrorist organizations.

Orlandosentinel.com reports:

Prosecutors say Sedlak attempted to access the computers at the organization by trying hundreds of thousands of times to log into employees’ email accounts in 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

An official with the Department of Justice in New York, where Sedlak was prosecuted, refused to release the name of the charity organization, citing doing so would go against their normal practice.

The charity was revealed in court documents online that Reuters obtained, which were later redacted by prosecutors and put back online.

Sedlak told officials he was doing research into charities and believed the organization may have been unintentionally financing jihadist groups by sending agencies and funds to the Middle East, which are later seized by the groups.

Federal agents say Sedlak made about 400,000 attempts to gain access to the charity’s computer network by using a “brute-force” password cracking tool.

Prosecutors said the tool is designed to “launch a relentless barrage of potential passwords at an email account in an attempt to guess the account’s password.”

While searching his home, authorities found 30 computers along with notes about the organization, an executive of the agency and an individual who has been “publicly affiliated” with the charity, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

The Department of Justice did not release the names of the individuals, but Reuters reports the notes mentioned Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea.

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