Biden Demands All American Children Have Access To Gender Mutilating Surgery & Chemical Castrations

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The leader of the free world says It is wrong for States to ban puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgery for children.

Thats right, the same person who can’t find his way off the stage after talking gibberish, is pushing for all children to have access to genital-mutilating surgery and cancer-inducing hormone pills (chemical castrations) because they are not sure which gender they want to be.

Meanwhile in the UK it seems that the NHS has finally seen sense about transgender treatment for children. They now claim that most young people who believe they are transgender are just going through a “phase” and have warned doctors not to encourage them to change their names and pronouns.

Natural News reports: Dementia-ridden POTUS wants every American child to have access to gender mutilation surgery that can easily leave a child unable to reproduce or even urinate properly, for life. Many teens and young adults suffer from horrible regret after sex change operations, that can never be reversed, and end up committing suicide.

Plus, Resident Biden claims it should be every American’s inherent right to have any kind of surgery or medication they want at any time, as he pushes as hard as possible for America’s youth to seek gender “affirmation” surgery where they have their penis cut off or their clitoris and breasts removed so some adult perverts can celebrate and fulfill their own warped fantasies.

Yet, during the pandemic, natural health enthusiasts wanted access to ivermectin, a medication proven to stave off death from Covid-19 at a whopping 90 percent success rate, and the US government, led by the corrupt FDA and CDC, banned its legality and use, despite their so-called stance on free medical choice.

These same Democrat politicians also call psychopathic infanticide “medical choice,” where living babies are murdered in the third trimester, on their day of birth, or even up to 30 days after birth, should the mother not desire them.

Biden claims no state should be able to “block you” from getting certain medicine, but everyone was blocked by the FDA from getting 90% effective ivermectin during the pandemic

The demonic Democrats in Washington DC are always “all in” when it comes to “medical choice” for Americans, except when it affects the pockets of their Big Pharma cohorts and partners in crime. Take for example ivermectin, a medicine used preventatively against Wuhan coronavirus, that was proven 90 percent effective in a recent study at reducing deaths and 40 percent effective at reducing cases. Why did the US government and regulatory agencies ban this while they push for gender mutilation surgery “choice” and infanticide choice?

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