Japan: Woman Watches New Stretch of Land Rise From Sea

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The new stretch of land emerging from the sea in Japan this month has left many people baffled as a land mass rose around 30 feet above sea level. 

A woman out collecting seaweed recently says that she noticed the land seemed to be higher than usual when she arrived, and shortly after as she was leaving it had risen even higher.

GeoBeats News reports:

A new swath of land was discovered just off of the coast of Hokkaido, which is located in the country’s far northern region. Measuring roughly 1000 feet long and over 130 feet wide, the newly emerged surface rises about 30 feet above sea level.

A woman who was out gathering seaweed is the one who noticed and reported the expansion. She said that while she was in the area she noticed the mass was higher than usual, and that by the time she’d left the elevation had grown even greater. Initially, the report sparked fears amongst some that it was a sign of an impending natural disaster.



Researchers at the local Institute of Technology investigated and determined that the emergence of the land suggested no such danger. They believe the mass was summoned through the surface by a landslide. While researching the area the team found evidence that a hill nearby had recently collapsed, likely as a result of melting snow. Their theory is that the geological activity caused a disruption in the seabed and ultimately resulted in the emergence of the land.

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