Cher: Non-Whites in Danger Under Trump

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Cher warns non-whites are not safe in Trump's America

American singer and actress Cher has warned that non-white people are no longer safe in Donald Trump’s America. 

On Tuesday, Cher took to Twitter to blast President Trump after the Supreme Court allowed the White House to temporarily enforce the transgender military ban.

The “Believe” singer said that “no one is really safe in Trump’s America unless they’re [a] member of Mar-a-Lago, live in Trump Tower, white, or wears [a] MAGA hat.”

“Not allowing trans [people to serve] their country is cruel, petty, hateful, & stupid‼️ Actually I’m so furious I can hardly speak‼️ Well,..hardly type,” Cher complained in another tweet, while adding that “these brave men & women deserve [to] serve the country they love!” reports: Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5 to 4 vote to lift two injunctions blocking a Trump administration policy that prevents most transgender troops from serving.

Transgender troops have been serving openly in the armed forces since the Obama administration lifted the previous ban on their service in 2016.

Cher, who has long been a vocal critic of the Trump administration, also criticized the president on Twitter Wednesday over his proposed border wall amid the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Cher accused Trump of “destroying” America in the recent tweet and blasted him for “making us unsafe.”

“I don’t give a flying f— about his wall,” she also added.


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