As World Looks On In Horror At CIA Report, George Bush Sr. Praises The CIA

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Many were taken slightly aback this week as George Bush Sr. praised his love for the CIA, thanking “‘finest people serving in government’.  Why were people a bit shocked by this?  Because just this week, a US Government report on findings of the atrocious acts of the CIA was released and many are still reeling from it.

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In an article for The Washington Examiner titled “George H.W. Bush cheers CIA, thanks ‘finest people serving in government'” [1], they write about the recent comments from Bush Sr.:

Former President George H.W. Bush, also a former CIA director, late Thursday jumped into the controversy swirling around the agency to praise “the very finest people serving in the United States government.”

While not mentioning the Senate Democratic intelligence staff report issued this week that rebukes the agency’s terrorist interrogation techniques after 9/11, Bush made clear that he supports the agency and its workers, and is confident in their actions.

“Nearly four decades ago, it was my privilege to go to Langley to lead the men and women of the CIA at a contentious time,” he said in a statement.

“During my short time there, I learned firsthand that they are among the very finest people serving in the United States government — whose selfless and often dangerous work, always behind the scenes, went unheralded. I felt compelled to reiterate my confidence in the Agency today, and to thank those throughout its ranks for their ongoing and vitally important work to keep America safe and secure.”

Bush served as director of Central Intelligence from 30 January 30, 1976 to January 20, 1977.

While his tenure was short, he left a big impression, so much so that the Langley campus is named after him, the “George Bush Center for Intelligence.”



[1] George H.W. Bush cheers CIA, thanks ‘finest people serving in government’

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