Senator Accuses WEF of Engineering Turkey Earthquake After Erdogan Upset Klaus Schwab

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Senator accuses WEF of orchestrating Turkey earthquake

Turkish Senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă has accused the globalist elites of orchestrating the deadly earthquake in Turkey, which has so far killed 33,000 people.

In a dramatic speech to Parliament on Friday, Senator Sosoaca said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had upset World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab by leaving halfway through a press conference and blocking Sweden from joining NATO.

“We have lived to witness production of earthquakes on demand. NATO disliked being set up by President Erdogan,” Sosoaca stated.

“Moreover his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukranian-Russian war deeply disturbed them. His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO and his speech in Davos as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of a press conference defying Schwab did not remain without an echo in the cold world leaders of the world.”

“But no one thought that people would have to die so many in such a terrible way.”

“But ten seconds before the occurrence of the so-called earthquakes the Turks closed these (oil and gas) pipelines.”

“In addition 24 hours before the earthquakes 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey.”

“Five days before its occurrence the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey.” reports: These damning accusations are prima facie evidence of a deliberate attack on Turkey by Deep State using HAARP technology.

Senator Sosoaca’s speech will reverberate around the free press of the world but don’t expect to hear it on the ABC, News Ltd or Fairfax media in Australia.


  1. Of Course, it was Joe Biden’s Earthquake machine that did the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

    What does Washington have, 16 earthquake machines floating in the oceans disguised as radars?

    These machines are very versatile in that they can also send the temperature, for short periods in Dallas, down to -5F in the winter time.

  2. They can. And quite a, lot of basses closed down just days before Western NATO aligned embassies. Following that deliberate stages burning of the Koran to make the excuse
    But its because of NATO and Turkey blocking Sweden and Norway joining. Now Turkey s looking like it’s been bombed repeatedly for weeks. Their national Debt will be massive The health care fir the injured will cost them billions and then there’s the reconstruction. They will be to poor to be much use in ww3. Which I have a horrible feeling is going to kick off very soon.

  3. Yes, they cause these earthquakes & others. A few days ago, I read that a current or former Japanese govmt. official said the cabal had threatened Japan with earthquake(s) if they didn’t do as they were told. The full truth is beginning to come out & soon the whole world will know.

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  5. not sure if it is possible to make a man made earth quake that large, but I say kill klause and friends just to be sure.

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