Thai Health Authorities Tell Couples To Wear Face Masks During Sex

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Health authorities in Thailand fear that a sex boom on Valentine’s Day could cause a Covid surge

As such the Thai government has recommended using face masks and to avoid certain positions while making love.

Thai authorities have advised couples to cover their faces s to prevent “deep kissing,” and say that face-to-face positions during sex should also be avoided too due to the risk of Covid.

Lovers have also been told to take antigen tests before having sex.

According to RT: The romantic occasion is popular in Thailand, with many couples wishing to wed on the day. But as coronavirus cases rise in the kingdom, the authorities have become concerned about certain Valentine’s Day celebrations.

“Covid isn’t a sexually transmitted disease, but catching Covid is possible through close-contact breathing and exchanging saliva,” Bureau of Reproductive Health Director Bunyarit Sukrat told AFP, adding that “wearing face masks while having sex” might decrease the risk. He also advised avoiding “face-to-face sex positions and deep kissing.”

His recommendations follow similar advice from the country’s Department of Health. Its head, Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoen, also expressed support for the use of a mobile app that assesses the risk of Covid exposure in restaurants, and for performing a rapid antigen test before making love.


  1. Utter nonsense – exchanging saliva can be contagious but other bodily fluids are not? No scientist wrote this. And the Bureau of Reproductive Health? What in hell is going on in Thailand, they have all lost their minds. Probably a good thing if they don’t reproduce, too much lunacy/idiocy.

    • Same nonsense that cholesterol causes heart attacks.
      Cheerios and oats are good for you. Butter is bad for you, but Crisco is good for you. So many lies.
      Plant based diet is healthy, another lie.
      People would not be able to wrap their brains around what they think is good but is killing them and causing their aches and pains.

    • The medical industry is in the business of making you sick and keeping you sick, so they can make a steady stream of money off of you. Get you to be a constant customer.
      They make no money off of you if you are healthy.
      They have partners in the food industry to sell you over loads of Carbohydrates in green boxes and the word “healthy” on it. Eat that crap will send you to the doctor, then they will sell you a medicine to cover the symptom, so you can continue to eat your green boxes of Carbohydrates.

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