Biden Claims The Only Way He Could Lose Election Is Through ‘Chicanery’ At The Polls

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Joe Biden said on Saturday ‘the only way’ he could lose to President Trump was through ‘chicanery’ at polling places.

At a campaign event in Erie, Pennsylvania, Biden said: “Here’s the deal guys, you’ve gotta make sure you go out and vote, because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places”

The Mail Online reports: Biden accused Trump of ‘trying to put people in polling places. The same guys you saw standing, blocking people’s way in Virginia with banners and rifles slung across their shoulders.’

He appeared to be referring to a pro-Trump demonstration at an early in-person polling site in Fairfax, Virginia on September 19. Photos and video from the event do not show anyone in the group openly carrying a firearm.

County election officials in Virginia said that the group stayed about 100 feet from the entrance to the building and, contrary to posts on social media, were not directly blocking access to the building. 

However, they acknowledged that some voters and polling staff members felt intimidated by the group, who waved American flags, Trump banners, and the flag of former South Vietnam, a common anti-Communist symbol. They chanted ‘four more years.’

Before leaving the state, Biden told reporters his comments were ‘taken a little out of context’ and added that ‘I’m going to accept the outcome of this election, period.’

Biden has previously said that his single greatest concern was Trump trying to ‘steal’ the victory. His campaign has recruited hundreds of lawyers and volunteers to prevent Election Day chaos.

Trump’s campaign has accused Biden of lying and stoking fear.

Trump himself has frequently disparaged mail-in voting, which is expected to rise to record levels this year due to the pandemic.

On Saturday, he retweeted out news articles regarding numerous examples of ballot fraud or blunders in printing and sending mail-in ballots.

The competing accusations have raised fears that neither side would accept defeat in November, and Trump has been circumspect about whether he would accept a loss.   

When asked directly, Trump has repeatedly avoided confirming that he would accept the result of the election.

Election experts have been on edge about the process, given chaos and legal challenges during primary elections held amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

On Friday, Biden once again refused to reveal his stance on packing the Supreme Court, saying voters ‘don’t deserve’ to know his position ahead of the November election.

The Democratic nominee reiterated his stance during an interview on Friday in Las Vegas , Nevada, while taking questions from the media.

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