Biden: If Kamala Disagrees With My Morals I’ll Develop a Disease and Resign

Fact checked
Joe Biden 'jokes' that if Kamala disagrees with his policies he'll develop a disease and resign

Joe Biden ‘joked’ on CNN Thursday that he would resign as President if Kamala Harris disagrees with him based on a moral principle.

Biden said, “The thing we are simpatico on is our philosophy of government and simpatico on how we want to approach these issues that we’re facing.”

He continued:

“When we disagree, it will be just like — so far, it’s been just like Barack, and I did. It’s in private. She’ll say I think we should do A, B, C, or D, and I’ll say I like A, don’t like B or C. And like I told Barack, if I read something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

He then added:

“We discussed at length our views on foreign policy, on domestic policy, on intelligence. And the great thing is she has a background in the Senate, on intelligence, the Intelligence Committee. She has a background in the Senate on a whole range of things that are going to be pertinent to what we have to do.”