Jussie Smollett Could Face Jail for Staging Attack with Fellow Actor

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Jussie Smollett could face jail time for staging fake attack and wasting police time

Empire actor Jussie Smollett could face prosecution if it is found he wasted police time and staged a fake hate crime attack against himself, using an actor from his show. 

Two brothers of Nigerian descent, one of whom appeared as an extra on Empire, had their home raided by Chicago police Wednesday night as part of an investigation into the potentially staged attack.

CBS 2 investigative journalist Brad Edwards, citing a source with intimate knowledge of the Chicago Police Department’s investigation into the matter, claims the attack on Smollett was “potentially orchestrated” by the actor and the two men, who are persons of interest in the case.

Information Liberation reports: Both men reportedly left for Nigeria on the day of the attack, according to Charlie De Mar of CBS Chicago.

From CWBChicago:

Chicago police today are questioning two persons of interest in the Jussie Smollett hate crime investigation, according to a department spokesperson. Both are African-American. Smollett, who police say “has been questioned throughout” their investigation is also being interrogated.

The persons of interest were arrested at O’Hare airport on Wednesday night, police said.

Smollett said in an interview aired on Good Morning America today that he believed the two persons of interest seen in the CPD images were the persons who attacked him. “I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that’s them. Never did.”

TMZ reported that the persons of interest are an actor who has appeared with Smollett on Fox television’s Empire and a person who was traveling with the second actor. These individuals are believed to be the “potential persons of interest” who were seen in low-quality images released by Chicago police days after the alleged attack, according to a police spokesperson.

TMZ also reported that police used “rideshare and/or taxicab records” to identify the “persons of interest” and to track their movements on the night of the purported attack.

CWBChicago shared this tip they got last week:

They suspect police had these suspects in their sight all along and used the “heavily redacted” phone records Smollett handed over to nail them because he removed their calls from the list.

As CWBChicago reported: “Investigators already received Smollett’s complete phone records via a subpoena served on his service provider, according to a source close quoted by CWBChicago on Feb. 4.”

“A source familiar with the records provided by the Empire star states that Smollett downloaded his phone activity into a spreadsheet and then deleted certain phone calls before handing over the records. ‘He did the [detectives’] job for them because then they only had to focus on the numbers he deleted.'”

Chicago PD are denying the report:

This is probably a good time to check out some of his hilarious acting on this sympathetic segment from ABC News posted just hours ago:

All the Democratic front-runners and all the top Democrats went all in on this obvious hoax:



NAACP president Derrick Johnson suggested the so-called attack was “directly linked” to President Trump:

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