Trump To Prosecute Mueller For 9/11-Saudi Cover-Up

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Trump goes after Mueller for Saudi 9/11 cover-up

President Trump is launching prosecution proceedings against Robert Mueller for helping to cover-up Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11.

According to Trump, Mueller was instrumental in the cover-up of who really orchestrated the September 11 attacks, subsequently blocking victim’s families from seeking compensation from Saudi Arabia. reports: During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show last night, attorney for 9/11 victim’s families Jim Kreindler said that rush to war with Iraq meant that the Saudi connection to 9/11 needed to be buried and Mueller was instrumental in making this happen.

This is why the Bush administration allowed prominent Saudis, including members of the Bin Laden family, to leave the country even as flights were grounded nationwide.

He underscored how George W. Bush was “good friends with the Saudi ambassador, who….gave $25,000 to one of the government agents who were helping Hosni and Mihdhar, the two terrorists.”

“There was this huge body of evidence that Saudi government officials prepared for the hijackers’ arrival, helped them, got them money, English lessons, safe houses and apartments, and provided the aid without which it would have been impossible, according to the FBI agents who were working the case, for the terrorists to succeed,” said Kreindler.

The attorney stressed that instead of investigating this story, Mueller covered it up.

“Interrogations were shut down, documents have been kept secret,” said Kreindler, adding that the cover-up continued under Obama and then FBI Director James Comey.

9/11 families are now demanding that the documents related to the cover-up, overseen by Mueller, be immediately declassified by President Trump. Amnesty for all FBI agents who were ordered to oversee the cover-up but can now blow the whistle on Mueller is also being considered.

“There is no reason for thousands of documents that reveal both the Saudi role and our own government’s cover-up for 17 years to be kept secret,” said Kreindler.

Kathy Owens, who lost her husband on 9/11, said that as head of the FBI at the time, Mueller “covered up and stifled the investigation into who was responsible for supporting the hijackers,” and that this would be revealed in documents that are “still being unnecessarily classified.”

As the Washington Examiner reported, former Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., who chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence at the time, said Mueller directly intervened to bury any Saudi connection.

“Graham stated that Mueller personally intervened to cut off further inquiry regarding Saudi assistance to the hijackers in California. In an interview with Harper’s from October 2017, Graham stated that Mueller made a series of objections to having terrorist specialist and former FBI lawyer Michael Jacobson visit San Diego to see if there was a possible Saudi connection to the hijackers. When Jacobson discovered that the hijackers were close to an FBI informant named Abdussattar Shaikh, he demanded to speak to him — but Mueller refused and moved Shaikh to an undisclosed location “for his safety.”

As head of the 400 FBI agent team in L.A. investigating the attacks, former FBI agent Stephen K. Moore also confirmed Saudi complicity in 9/11.

Evidence submitted in a lawsuit against the Saudi government reveals that its embassy in Washington may have funded a “dry run” for the hijackings which involved two Saudi nationals living undercover in the U.S. as students who flew from Phoenix to Washington to test cockpit security.

“The court filing provides new details that paint “a pattern of both financial and operational support” for the 9/11 conspiracy from official Saudi sources,” reported the New York Post.


  1. Not so If the Saudis had planned the whole thing ,then they would have left before the event , not after Well before too And the fact the government allowed them to leave when flights were grounded proves beyond doubt that the government used them as their patsies and set them up to be framed.

  2. The building was imploded not destroyed by a fire caused by jet fuel. Hijacking was not the cause of this disaster.

  3. Disinformation is information that is false, and the person who is disseminating it knows it is false. It is a deliberate, intentional lie.
    Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with 9-11. This was the Mo$$ad, C!A, and dual national zionist us politicians that “pulled” down our towers.
    YourHOAXwire is full of zionist misinformation and disinformation, with a little truth (sometimes) sprinkled in for the “truthers” This site cannot be trusted anymore.

    • “Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with 9-11. This was the Mo$$ad, C!A, and dual national zionist us politicians that “pulled” down our towers.”

      You are partially correct. The Saudi’s were involved as they have been a covert agent/partner with the Israelis for decades, contrary to what the MSM and other establishment sources want everyone to believe.

  4. Does it make sense that the Saudi documents would expose a much more darker plan that took down the towers and the Pentagon?
    Come on America, We can put this altogether. Think about it. These Saudi hijackers piloted commercial airliners and hit their targets perfectly, 100%. Do you actually think that is possible without ever flying a commercial plane?
    The release of these documents would more than likely lead to the real culprits of mass murder all for the sake of the $$$$$$$$$$. HUGE sums of $$$$$$,…. shorting stocks?……… worlds largest bond trader in WTC 2?….. Financial Records and acct. Dept in Pentagon? ……. missing gold in bank vaults?………..something happened and releasing the Saudi documents will be the first string pulled that just might unravel the entire ball of yarn

  5. What about the part where the buildings were destroyed by explosives??… what happens about that>,,,,,,, ???

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