Govt Staff Told Belief In 2 Genders “Is A Product & Tool Of Colonialism & White Supremacy”

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woke ideology is taking over Whitehall

The extent to which radical gender and race ideology has been imposed on the Civil Service has been exposed in a dossier of internal communications leaked to The Telegraph.

Staff in Government departments are being taught about gender ideology, which affirms the idea that people can choose their gender.

At the same time those with legally protected gender critical beliefs and who believe that you cannot change your biological sex, say they are bullied into silence.

MSN reports: Instead of clearing backlogs from the pandemic, staff are spending work time on attending lectures on LGBT+ issues or watching videos telling them biological men can use women-only facilities if they self-identify as female.

In one department, staff shared a “30 days of Pride” calendar, with daily videos and articles on topics including “transgender children” and “the history of the Stonewall riot”, that contained six hours of content.

Workers in government departments are also being bombarded with material about white privilege and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

A group of 42 staff members has now written to Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, warning that impartiality in the Civil Service is at risk and the woke takeover of Whitehall could affect policy decisions.

Gender advice at the MoJ

‌A diversity group in the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) claimed that “in many societies” the belief in two genders “is a product and tool of colonialism and white supremacy”.

The MoJ’s Gender Equality Network, one of a myriad of groups within the Civil Service set up by staff to discuss subjects such as diversity, circulated a newsletter in July 2022 to its members that discussed gender identity, pronouns and non-binary people.

The newsletter said: “Depending on the culture, people who identify as other genders have been associated with sacred powers, spirituality and are thought to be blessings to the family and community they are born into.

“Many North American Indigenous tribes had no constructs of gender and embraced its fluidity before colonisation.

“In many societies, the gender binary is a product and tool of colonialism and white supremacy.”

The document also promoted a non-binary activist who claimed in a television interview in September 2022 that “there’s as many genders as there are people”.

The remarks were made by Alok Vaid-Menon, a self-described gender non-conforming and transfeminine writer, who was included as a part of a list of “brilliant people in public life who are blazing a trail for a different way of thinking about gender”.

The newsletter also urged civil servants to use gender-neutral language. They were told: “Starting a meeting, speech or presentation with, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’… assumes that everyone in your audience identifies as either a women [sic] or a man, which may not be the case.”

In a section on pronouns, the newsletter said: “Non-binary people sometimes use gender-neutral pronouns like they/them, but there’s a great variety of others, including ve/ver and zie/zim.”

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