Top Doctor: COVID Is Being Spread in Tap Water

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Doctor reveals COVID is spread via tap water

A top U.S. doctor has warned that COVID-19 is being spread in humans via drinking water, and has warned the “virus” attacks the nervous system in a manner eerily similar to snake venom.

Dr. Bryan Ardis sat down with radio host Stew Peters and Owen Shroyer recently to discuss Covid-19, Remdesivir, “venom theory,” and lots more. reports: Posted online Monday, the nearly hour-long conversation between Peters and the doctor exposed an important topic that receives little attention.

Essentially, after realizing how odd it was that antivenom medicines like monoclonal antibodies were effectively treating Covid, Dr. Ardis began questioning the narrative that the virus originated from a bat in a Chinese wet market.

“Is Covid a venom, and this is why they don’t want you using monoclonal antibodies?” Dr. Ardis asked.

To answer this question, Dr. Ardis sought out establishment media “fact-checkers” to see if they were attempting to discredit any claims that the source of Covid-19 was a snake and not a bat.

A quick internet search reveals plenty of mainstream media publications admitting at the onset of the Covid outbreak that it may have been derived from snakes.

From Scientific American to CNN, the snake theory was promoted widely at first.

“Every time the snake is mentioned, fact-checkers 1,2,3,4,5,6 constantly fact-check it and spin it to the bats. There is no fact-checking about bats. They keep letting you look at bats,” Dr. Ardis said.

The doctor also claimed that Chinese scientists dismissed the bat theory at the beginning of the Covid outbreak because the type of bats the virus allegedly came from were hibernating at the time.

He also said genetic sequence testing done on sick patients in Wuhan found their genetic sequence matched two snakes, the Chinese Krait and King Cobra, not bats.

A 2021 study also connected the Chinese Krait and King Cobra to the Covid-19 spike protein, explaining, “the discovery of a superantigen-like motif in the S1 Spike protein, as well as two other neurotoxin-like motifs that have peptide similarities to neurotoxins from Ophiophagus (cobra) and Bungarus genera.

Later during the interview, Dr. Ardis touched on the fact that hydroxychloroquine, defamed by the media, has been known to block nicotine receptors in the brainstem from being injured by cobra and viper venom.

Meanwhile, Remdesivir, the drug touted by the medical and media establishments and the only drug approved for human use against Covid in the US, looks shockingly similar to snake venom when stored for medical use.

Under the Emergency Use Authorization for Remdesivir, Dr. Ardis explained that every patient must have their prothrombin time (a measurement judging how long it takes for a clot to form in a blood sample) tested before and during treatment because their blood could start to clot.

Both Remdesivir and King Cobra venom increase prothrombin time in test subjects, and as the doctor noted, a 2021 University of Arizona study examining blood samples from hundreds of people who died after being treated with Remdesivir found the drug raced through their bodies “like venom.”

When it comes to spreading snake venom to the public, Dr. Ardis theorized the public drinking supply might be contaminated.

This idea was sparked after the CDC announced wastewater surveillance is being used to provide an “early warning of COVID-19’s spread in communities.”

“That is completely backwards,” the doctor said. “If a community has had SARS-CoV-2 go through their body, they already had their symptoms. When they eliminated the virus, supposedly the virus, and it ends up in your wastewater, they no longer have symptoms.”

The loss of taste and smell is also a side-effect of snake venom hitting a person’s mouth, according to Dr. Ardis.

Obviously, losing smell and taste is an odd issue associated with Covid-19.

“They are using the waters systems because they can target certain demographics,” he continued before telling Peters he doesn’t think the people working at local water plants are in on the scheme.

Summarizing his theory, Dr. Ardis said, “They are using Krait venom and Cobra venom, calling it Covid-19, you’re drinking it, it’s getting into your brainstem and it’s paralyzing your diaphragm’s ability to breathe.”

He also noted that the connection between nicotine receptors in the brain and snake venom explains why smokers weren’t being affected by Covid in the same way as non-smokers.

Basically, he said the venom can’t bind to the nicotine receptors in the brains of those who frequently smoke nicotine tobacco products.

Toward the end of the discussion, Dr. Ardis touched on the religious angle of a serpent’s genes being isolated and then inserted into human DNA around the globe.

“I think this is the plan all along, was to get the serpent’s… the evil one’s DNA into your God-created DNA and they figured out a way to do it through this mRNA technology,” he stated. “They are using mRNA, I believe extracted from the King Cobra venom. I think they want to get that venom inside you and make you a hybrid of Satan, no longer just belonging to God or a creation of God’s.”

The same media outlets that told us the virus came from a bat in the Wuhan wet market and that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation are already mocking Dr. Ardis’ claims.

Watch the full Stew Peters and Dr. Ardis interview below!

The predictable reaction by the establishment confirms Dr. Ardis is on to something and that much more research into the wild hypothesis is necessary.

Harrison Smith of The American Journal touched on the snake venom connection to Covid during Tuesday’s broadcast.

Dr. Ardis also appeared in an epic interview with Mike Adams of Monday for a special presentation.


  1. Satan’s certainly inside their moderators. Monoclonal antibodies are all the satanic sorcery they really need since they forevermore alter human dna. They would need an awful lot of King cobras to poison the drinking water. Anyway you look at it And why would they? People are too stupid to use their God given free will and think autonomously They’re so compliant they’re just a herd animal. That’s not what the Bible describes God’s creation as That’s the aliens from the other gods.

  2. He’s not a top doctor, far from it. If the 60 minutes were spent explaining the mechanisms and what exactly others needed to do to verify the claims being made it would be great, but the hard science stuff was around 8 mins, the rest was hand-waving fluff and story-telling

      • No, it isn’t, if you knew any science and actually watched the videos you might actually know what you’re talking about but you don’t.

    • MSM lies all the time, no one should trust them. I’ve watched Stew Peters interview with Dr. Ardis, also Mike Adams interview where he goes into the science. My husband has been a virologist/immunologist for many decades, worked in Public Health and worked with Nobel prize winning scientist. He has vetted all the science and says it is solid. Watch Mike Adams interview where he explains all the science. I think you’re full of it and have NO idea what you’re talking about, you don’t seem to know anything about science.

  3. Chinese Death Plague is not spread in water, nor does it affect your diaphragm’s ability in breathing. At least from my experience overcoming the dreaded disease. I had the flu with a pneumonia chaser a week later. Most definitely an airborne pathway.

  4. Yawn. Eventually it will be in the air and all the food. Everyone ends up being exposed to everything, eventually. What, do we think China and India’s pollution doesn’t travel seas and by air eventually??

    • Actually England spread most diseases around the world. There sailors full of sexaully transmitted diseases and all of the filth from England’s dirty slums.

      • So Spaniards didn’t spread disease. Or anyone else. Just the English? Lol, ok.

        Of course in retrospect, as modern men, it is clear that all these groups pilgrimaged the world for their empires/kingdoms. But that has nothing to do with bloodline or the common men of those people. It has to do with the evil essence that some clowns like to keep calling the J-word…

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  6. The black MAMBA can also move 30 MPH for hours at a time and can kill large herds of cattle in one day.So that one you never pissed off at you but it moved on and I saw it go but I didn`t kill it as they leave a death chemical that other snakes can sence and attack over

  7. Battled a flying RED FOX BAT in 2016 had never seen one before or since HHMI wyns world of bat smit carzynesses

  8. Using Google for search engine – of course, he’s looking up SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PAPERS. You have no idea what you’re talking about, everything he said makes absolute sense and you might know this if you’d actually watched his videos.
    Dr. Zelenko, health advisor to several presidents, who saved 700 out of 700 patients with covid, has said he’s top notch doctor.

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