Rose Mcgowan: Trump Impeachment Is ‘Theater of Mass Distraction’ From Crimes of the Elite

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Rose McGowan calls second Trump impeachment a Democrat-led 'theater of mass distraction'

Actress Rose McGowan has blasted Democrats over their sham second impeachment against President Trump.

The outspoken Hollywood star took to Twitter on Thursday to expose Wednesday’s 232-197 House vote in favor of impeaching President Trump.

Democrats, and a handful of RINO’s, blame POTUS for inciting the small number of protesters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 .

In a blistering tweet, McGowan described the actions against Trump “cult propaganda” designed to distract the masses away from the true crimes that the elite are committing against them.

“This impeachment is Cult propaganda,” McGowan wrote.

“A theater of mass distraction.”

“US cult members on the left will cheer, those on the right will be in a fury.”

“And the country’s starving, sick & poor will sink farther & farther. Good thing the Elites are leading us!” the tweet continued. reports: McGowan then “pinned” the tweet, meaning it now remains at the top of her profile.

The former TV star did receive some pushback. When one of her followers claimed having Trump removed from office and convicted of his alleged crimes would be a “step in the right direction,” McGowan replied: “Then I suggest we also, in the interest of fairness, go after Obama for war crimes in Yemen, GW Bush for war crimes in Iraq /Afghanistan.”

In another tweet, the actress was questioned about what her solution is. 

“My overall solution is to keep working to deprogram US cult members on both sides so they can clearly see what lies they’ve been told and revolt,” McGowan, 47, wrote in a lengthy statement also shared to Twitter.

The actress then recalled her past of growing up in a “powerful cult.” (She has previously spoken up about being raised in the Children of God cult in Europe before moving to the United States at age 10.)

“Saw firsthand the power structure & later when I was sent to US where they kept saying they were free I couldn’t help but notice that its nationalist power structure was identical to the cult we escaped. They key to change is deprogramming,” McGowan wrote.

McGowan claimed she calls out issues when she sees them because she cares.

“I care most about what US does because its propaganda has farther reach than a nuclear bomb,” the statement continues. “But personally, my solution was to leave.”

McGowan has dropped hints that she moved out of the United States and possibly into Mexico on social media since last July. In her statement made Thursday, the actress declined to say where she was living but noted that medication that used to cost her $800 is now “$11 with no insurance.”

“My rent is 1/4 of US rent and I’m not being terrorized by my govt & it’s media,” she continued.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will now send the article of impeachment over to the Senate. Once they arrive, the Senate will convene a trial that will take place after Trump leaves office.