ANTI-PUTIN Protesters Arrested Across Russia in Sub-Zero Temperatures

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Russia protest

In support of Alexei Navalny – President Putin’s most vocal critic – Anti-corruption protesters have been out on the streets all over Russia.

Navalny – an anti-corruption campaigner who had been recovering in Berlin from a near-fatal nerve agent attack – arrived back in Moscow last Sunday and was arrested immediately upon arrival.

Protesters – who are heard chanting “Putin is a thief!” – demanded for the release of Navalny, as well as other political prisoners.

In Moscow, heavily armed police were swinging their batons and detaining people near Pushkin Square before the demonstration had even begun.

At least 3,000 have been detained, including Alexei’s wife, Yulia Navalnaya – who led the protests in support of her husband.

In the far east of Moscow, in Kamchatka, protesters were seen carrying placards reading “Corruption is the cancer of our country” and “I’m choosing Freedom”.

Navalny’s supporters believe his arrest was politically motivated and reports suggest that he could remain in prison for over a decade.

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  1. I used to ad.ire Putin until I real7zed that hes just a stepping stone dor the imperialists used to get the russian peasants to accept the idea of a monarch Hes the bridge back .That’s why he has billions and lives like an oligarch and Thats why the russian people all want to escape and have since communism ended Because their so poor now and rhe countries so full of crime and inequality and horrible flats that have all bern privatised to landlords ,for peanuts who dont spend a cent in upgrading them and bad wages and horrible foodstuffs and all western rubbish in all the horrible supermarkets

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