Lawmaker To Put A Bounty On ‘Bigfoot’

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The mythical creature ‘Bigfoot’ has become the target of a lawmaker in Oklahoma after a bill was in introduced that seeks to create a Bigfoot hunting season.

Oklahoma state Rep. Justin Humphreys district includes the Ouachita Mountains, which holds a Bigfoot festival once a year.

Humphreys says that tourism should increase after issuing a state hunting license. “Tourism is one of the biggest attractions we have in my House district” he stated.

“Establishing an actual hunting season and issuing licenses for people who want to hunt Bigfoot will just draw more people to our already beautiful part of the state”

The Bigfoot Hunting Season is set to start on November 1 this year if the bill to capture him is passed, but it will only allow for trapping. A $25,000 bounty is set to be rewarded for the first person to capture the creature.

“Having a license and a tag would give people a way to prove they participated in the hunt,” Humphrey said. “Again, the overall goal is to get people to our area to enjoy the natural beauty and to have a great time, and if they find Bigfoot while they’re at it, well hey, that’s just an even bigger prize.”


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