Desperate Mueller To Indict Donald Trump Jr.

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Mueller expected to indict Donald Trump Jr.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has set his sights on Donald Trump Jr. as his rigged Russia probe nears its uneventful end.  

Last Year, Trump Jr. testified that he never informed his father of a meeting with Russian officials promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Despite this, the Mueller team are expected to haul him in for questioning. reports: Two days ago, Gabriel Sherman reported that White House officials are concerned about Donald Jr.

“I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” a former West Wing official told Sherman, who fears Mueller will be able to prove perjury.

Deep in a report about Trump’s 2020 campaign plans, Politico drops the news this morning that Trump Jr. “has told friends in recent weeks that he believes he could be indicted.”

If it’s what you’re saying, we love it.

The details of the expected indictment remain to be seen. But if Trump Jr. did lie under oath, the obvious question is why. He had a lawyer, who presumably informed him of the dangers of perjury.

Why take the risk of perjury to deny having informed his father about a meeting with Russian officials if the contacts produced absolutely nothing?

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