Trump “Made It His Business To Rape This Country” Says Joy Behar

Fact checked

During “The View” on Thursday Joy Behar told her co hosts that former President Donald Trump had “made it his business for four years to rape” America.

Behar said it was disgusting but that she was happy now to have “somebody who cares about the children back.”

Breitbart reports: Behar said, “I worry about my grandchild, you know, I only have one grandchild and one daughter. There are some people who have no children who don’t worry about the environment as much. I know them. They just say, ‘Well, I’m not going to be here.’ Well, I’m not going to be here either, but my little Luca is going to be here, and I want him to be able to drink the water and breathe the air. Joe Biden has already done a couple of things by going back into the Paris agreement and by canceling the Keystone pipeline. He has other things on his agenda that he is going to do to fix the environment.”

She added, “This man, this Trump, he made it his business for four years to rape this country. It’s disgusting, and I’m so happy to have somebody who cares about the children back.”


  1. Shes a perfect illustration of how people can be used as tools played like a fiddle, by their handlers without having tbe slightest clue of their entrapment into position to paint a picture ,not of their own design even, and without the least knowledge of their exploitation based on what they believe are their ” own ideas ” .She’s a classic of that A very average entity with ordinary insights and almost no intuitions The easiest to hypnotize without her even knowing it

  2. Why is this fat cow getting any press at all? Is the media so hot up for any news, they have to quote this foul mouthed moron.

  3. So; she wants someone ” That Cares About The Children. ” Hey Behar; the guy that was Fraudulently Elected IS A PEDOPHILE; and leads an Evil Administration. ” In The Last Days; Lawlessness Will Abound.” I Truly believe this what were ALL going to be bearing witness to in the Not – Too – Distant – Future.

    • And now ,this minute the OAN site that pretended to be pro Trump is running its newscast with the headline Biden in danger from Trumps team of investigators .The story hidden in the latter part of their usual scurrilous peddling of deceits continues to elaborate on how the investigation gas evidence niw that the machines have an error rate if 68 % when the electoral corruption commission ,the same globally crooked lying pigs ,say that only an error rate of 0.00008 % is acceptable .And they gave not that I’ve seen even said OAN that is ,or the FEC for that matter one word about MICHIGAN de certifying their election results by their Courts as fraudulent. No one except one christian channel has reported it at all ..What it proves beyond ANY doubt is that the totalitarian subversion and the treason against we the people and President Trump is Absolute and controlled at the highest levels of society and that the people sitting in government are all ,bar a handful ,complicity in that seditious subversion and treason and those same criminals are rhe ones ,like Pelosi ,demanding peoples obedience to the rule of law as BLATANT hypocrites and deceivers Liars and frauds .

  4. Hmmmm, no JOY I am so sorry you forgot to fact check before you told this enormous lie, Trump saved us, our country was bleeding all kinds of money everywhere thanks to the previous administration, and he didn’t even take a paycheck for all the abuse he had to endure due to the fact that there are so many ignorant people in our government. I do not think America’s children want to be fondled by pedo JB. If you do not have anything nice to say about Trump, then keep quiet

  5. I truly despise this miserable fucking gash. Astonishing how brain dead lefty females are. Must be from having their legs in the air all the time and bruising from the headboard pounding.

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