Hillary Clinton: Biden is “Building the Kind of Coalition That I Had”

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Hillary Clinton claims Biden is building the type of coalition she had

Hillary Clinton told CNN on Sunday that presidential candidate Joe Biden was “building the kind of coalition” that she had in her failed 2016 campaign.

It’s unclear why the twice-failed presidential candidate views such a coalition as an advantage for Biden, considering she lost the 2016 election. Clinton performed strongly in coastal liberal states, but lost midwestern states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin that Democrats had held onto for decades.

Bigleaguepolitics.com reports: Some Democrats didn’t miss the irony of Clinton lauding Biden for recreating her political coalition, despite losing the 2016 election.

Clinton also fired off a few more snipes at Bernie Sanders in the interview, continuing a pattern of animosity she’s shown towards the democratic socialist since winning the rigged the 2016 Democratic Primary against the Vermont Senator. She doubted that she’d campaign for him in a general election, although she qualified that she would endorse him should he become the Democratic nominee.

I don’t know if he’d ask me to campaign for him, Fareed, because I have no idea what he is thinking about for a general election campaign. As I’ve said many times, I do not think he’s the strongest nominee against Donald Trump.

Biden’s campaign handlers have sought to dismiss growing concern in the past few days about Biden’s mental acuity, likening questions about Biden’s apparent cognitive decline to ageism and discrimination.

Hillary is set to appear in an upcoming Hulu documentary on the Clinton political dynasty, in which her husband Bill will speak in previously unheard terms about his adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky. Hillary, seemingly as bitter as ever, will continue her vendetta against Sanders in the four-part series.

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