Obama Surrenders ISIS War, Withdraws Troops, Looks To Putin

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Obama surrenders ISIS fight, withdrawing troops and calling on Putin to help

A report from the Kremlin on Thursday says that President Obama has ordered a “strategic withdrawal” of American troops fighting ISIS in the Levant War Zone, admitting that Russia are leading the way in their fight against terrorism in the region. 

In a meeting with Putin, US Secretary of State John Kerry, and Foreign Secretary Lavrov, Russia told America that the threat of a nuclear war between the US and Russia was a very real possibility due to the continued support of ISIS by the U.S.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

After presenting to Secretary Kerry the Federations entire portfolio of evidence regarding which nations, and intelligence services, were supporting the Islamic State, this report continues, and turning over to the Americans the secret emails of both former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and present US Defense Secretary Ash Carter obtained by the Federal Security Service (FSB) from these two US officials private unsecured emails, the Obama regime immediately “surrendered” and announced the following historic moves towards what may be peace in this region:

  • US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the Obama regime would no longer be seeking regime change in Syria—which just 4 weeks ago President Obama vowed he would never allow happen.
  • US Vice President Joseph Biden ordered Turkey to immediately remove its invading troops from Iraq—which just 6 days ago the US State Department refused to even acknowledge happened.
  • The Pentagon ordered the immediate removal from Turkey of the F-15 fighter jets the US had just stationed there and which posed a threat to Federation Aerospace Forces.
  • The Obama regime agreed to join Russia in offering a UN Resolution seeking to cut off Islamic State funding—an action that will occur at a rare UN Security Council meeting to be chaired by the US later today.

Helping to change the Obama regimes “direction/directing” of this war against the Islamic State, this report says, was a critical document within the portfolio detailing last weeks massive global attack by the Islamic State that nearly brought down the world’s 13 internet root name servers—which, should it have been successful, would have plunged the United States into total and complete chaos so severe that noted cyber security expert John McAfee warned it would be “more devastating than any nuclear war”.

The portfolio on last weeks attempt by the Islamic State to destroy the global Internet presented by President Putin to Secretary Kerry, this report continues, further confirms news reports that this attack was launched from servers and IP addresses owned by the British government—but which they say they sold to Saudi Arabia.

In knowing that the Obama regime was surrendering to President Putin, this report further notes, Saudi Arabia then announced it was forming its own coalition of 34 mainly Muslim nations to fight the Islamic State without US support—but which Indonesia said it did not know it was going to be a military alliance and doesn’t want to join and a senior Pakistani lawmaker only learned about from a Reuters reporter, and that Turkey described as an ideological association rather than a military alliance.

Proving this assessment of the Saudis “coalition” against the Islamic State true, this report says, was that its first “attack” was launched against the American Presidential candidate Donald Trump and not any terrorists—and whom President Putin praised and stated about Donald Trump “He is a bright and talented person without any doubt. He is the absolute leader of the presidential race”.

Fortunately for the Obama regime who, obviously, wants no part in World War III, this report concludes, Aerospace Forces will now be able to focus entirely on the “backstabbing” Turkish government who downed a defenseless Aerospace Forces bomber over Syria instead of worrying about American planes too—and which President Putin bluntly warned these supporters of the Islamic State:

“They [Turkish authorities] thought that we would turn tail and run! No, Russia is not that country. We have increased our presence in Syria, have increased the number of combat aircraft deployed there. There was no Russian air defense system there –now there’s the S-400. If before, Turkey had constantly violated Syrian airspace, let them try it now.”

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