Hospitals That Fired Doctors and Nurses For Refusing Vaccines Now Begging Them to Return

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A Maine healthcare provider that fired medical staff for exercising their right to medical freedom and refusing to comply with vaccine mandates during the pandemic is now begging nurses to return to their former jobs.

MaineGeneral Health in Augusta has reached out to healthcare workers, making excuses for its past behavior, and begging the unvaccinated nurses to “consider rejoining us.”

According to The Maine Wire, many of those workers were denied unemployment compensation after they were fired.

Former registered nurse Terry Poland shared the message she received from the company that unceremoniously fired her.

“You were once a proud member of the MaineGeneral team,” the facility told her in a text. “Would you consider rejoining us? We would be pleased to discuss options with you. As you know, nearly 2 years ago MaineGeneral had to comply with a state mandate for COVID-19 vaccination.

“We lost a number of great employees as a result, including you,” MaineGeneral continued.

The company goes on to note that the vaccination rule has finally been waived by the state.

Despite hard economic times after losing her job, Poland, who made about $75,000 a year before being fired, was not tempted.

“I was livid,” Poland said about receiving the message.

“Like, how dare you force me out of a career that I’ve dedicated my whole life to, taken away my livelihood, my ability to earn a good income, and now you think I’m gonna come grovel back to you?”

“I don’t hardly think so.

“And that’s the attitude of most everybody that I’ve been in contact with since yesterday.”

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Poland would not accept the mRNA injections.

“I knew enough not to take it,” she said. “I’ve been a nurse long enough to know I need to question what new products are. I’m not going to be the first one to jump on board of an experiment.”

She revealed that her Christian convictions also came into play over concern for the use of fetal tissues in developing the drug.

The result was that she was fired and accused of misconduct, which meant she could not collect unemployment benefits, according to The Maine Wire.

Joy McKenna, director of communications for MaineGeneral, said only “a few people” have been interested in returning.

Some nurses who were fired and later fought back in court have scored victories.

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