Wasserman Schultz: Trump Will ‘Cower in a Corner’ Due to His Overwhelming Guilt

Fact checked
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz says President Trump will cower in a corner due to his overwhelming guilt

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has predicted that President Trump is “going to cower in the corner” because of his guilt in relation to the impeachment inquiry.

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Wasserman Schultz said, “What came to my mind when I heard that he again refused to participate in his own defense is that the innocent defend themselves vigorously and vociferously, the guilty hide, obstruct, lie and obfuscate. It’s very clear that President Trump is going to cower in the corner because he is absolutely guilty of all of those— of an abuse of power, of obstructing Congress, of trying to get a foreign power to interfere in our elections for his own personal and political benefit and withheld vital foreign aid that was appropriations law.”

“And if those aren’t impeachable offenses, then as one of the constitutional scholars said last week, nothing is,” she continued. “The Founding Fathers intended for us to not allow any president to be above the law, and that’s what we’re proceeding with this week, so that we can make sure that the American people can have confidence in their elected officials that we’ll uphold our oath that we swore to defend the Constitution which the president has violated.”


  1. Wasserman Shultz has no right to speak because she is a DNC operative with many chips on her shoulder & is as close to a USA traitor you can get. Justice will be served soon

  2. DT & the US department of Justice have failed to lay any criminal charges against the corrupt anc hierarchy in South Africa, instead they have expressed their willingness to aid the SA government & empower corrupt cadres indirectly.

  3. This moron has been shunned by the DNC and is now trying to get her 15 mins. of SHAME after she had a affair with those two foreign nationals in her administration.

    • It took both to create and to allow this abominable mess: Anybody that would align with either is beyond despicable.

  4. How Is she still in office? After the revelation of their fraud during the campaign she should’ve been kicked out of office

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