Boris Johnson Warns of ‘Deep State’ Plot to ‘Haul Britain Back Into the EU’

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned the “Deep State” is set to defy the democratic will of the people and haul Britain back into the European Union after he leaves office.

The outgoing prime minister issued the dire warning as he defended his government’s record during a speech to Parliament on Wednesday. According to reports, audible gasps were heard from some MPs when Johnson used the words “Deep State.”

Johnson is set to leave office on September 6, following a Tory leadership contest, after being forced out by his own MPs.

But opening a debate on a confidence motion the government tabled in itself, the Johnson insisted he had achieved a great deal during his three years as Prime Minister – including finalizing the UK’s exit from the EU and ensuring British people once again have the sovereign right to determine their own laws.

Johnson said: “Some people will say as I leave office that this is the end of Brexit, oh yes, and the leader of the opposition and the deep state will prevail in its plot to haul us back into alignment with the EU as a prelude to our eventual return, and we on this side of the House will prove them wrong, won’t we?”

The “Deep State” is a term often used to describe shadowy government officials who carry out secret and undemocratic acts unbeknown to the wider public. The establishment and mainstream media are intent on convincing the public the “Deep State” only exists in the minds of paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. England was all for the common market that led to the EU. Really Until they set their sights on taking Russia under Crown Lands and then they suddenly wanted to cut all legal ties and obligations to care and share with the EU as regular little benevolent philanthropists..

  2. I watched the Galloway piece earlier. He’s a great source. Johnson? I would say I don’t give a whit! except the Brits are constantly meddling in US and World affairs. And NOT for the common good!

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