Klaus Schwab’s WEF Excludes Putin from ‘The Great Reset’

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Klaus Schwab excludes Putin from the Great Reset

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has banned Russia and President Putin from being part of the ‘Great Reset’ for humanity.

WEF spokeswoman Amanda Russo told Politico that the exclusion of Russia and Putin from their globalist agenda was in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Freewestmdia.com reports: The WEF had quite good relations with Russia in the past. Putin was invited to the forum as a speaker a few times and at the virtual WEF meeting in 2021, at the height of the pandemic, Putin warned of an “all against all” war.

“The Corona pandemic has become a major challenge for humanity and has accelerated structural changes for which the preconditions were already in place,” the Russian head of state said in January 2021. “We have every reason to believe that tensions could escalate even further,” Putin continued.

When Schwab introduced Putin at the meeting, he called him an “essential voice in world affairs”. He thus repeated his 2009 statement that he could not think of a single problem that could be solved without Russia’s involvement.

But the elitist globalist fan club  has since opted for “punishment” of Russia with mainly the banking sector, oil companies, Russian oligarchs, Putin himself and SWIFT (the international financial transfer system based in Belgium) in the cross-hairs.

SWIFT, by the way, is an important WEF partner. It is organised and member-owned as a cooperative, linking 11 000 banks, securities institutions and corporate clients in over 200 countries and regions and jointly defining standards. An ever-growing group of Western companies announced the termination of their business in Russia.


Russian athletes and artists have been personally sanctioned and excluded from the Western community while Russian composers and writers have been banned from institutions of learning.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the WEF’s reputation has taken a massive hit. This, among other things, because of the highly controversial agenda described as the Great Reset and various pronouncements, including: “Welcome to 2030, I own nothing, have no privacy and life has never been better”.

Schwab, with his WEF lobbying organisation, has for many years been rolling out strategies to create a global world order under the dictates of a totalitarian world government enabled by advances in technology.

At the heart of his plans is the degradation of the free individual to a state-owned being, trained to obey and be grateful to the “system” via a reward/punishment mechanism. Through the Young Global Leaders Forum, the WEF has succeeded in installing loyal Schwab disciples in the governments of various countries.

Examples of this are the heads of government of Canada (Justin Trudeau) and of New Zealand (Jacinda Ardern), who have stepped forward as petty despots. To implement the new world order, global clan-like financial, economic and media structures have been built up as a measure of control over unsuspecting populations.



  1. That is more evidence to me that Putin is a good guy. still not sure, but looks better as time goes on.

    • It’s not about whose a good guy. Good guys finish last. It’s about whose the greediest and wanting to rule the whole world. By rule of law.
      Show me the world atlas, show me Israel if you can see it without a magnifying glass.
      Show me England’s Crown Lands.
      Show me the Islamic Kingdoms and Republics. Show me the Hindus and the Buddhists.
      Tell me who had the least and who the most?
      Be objective. Not subjective from centuries of propagandas a d religious bigotries lies distortions manipulations and DECEPTIONS.

      • Have a read of Who.Owns the World, by Kevin Cahill, at the New Statesman .You might get some surprises..

        • I’m still trying to find out how many independent African countries are still really Crown Lands. And apart from the 4 original english colonies in North America that were restored to the Crown some years ago, how much else is still Crown Lands too. But its not so easy to find.

    • bill clinton blanket bombed yuguslavia into submission into the NATO takeover in 99 but everyone thinks of him as some saint-preception is based on what we think of as normal. leaders in war is not a griven as the actions of war are NOT sane in most cases

      • Yes. And Bidens labeled a war criminal in Chechen republics right this minute for his crimes the msm hide.

  2. It’s the nazi ification of the world. That’s what Covids allowed them to do. Because the government’s were over ruled by the WHO from the UN whose only moral authority is from the only religion with a seat there, the Vatican.

  3. Cave men fought for food shelter and clothing. What’s the problems the so called WEF tries to solve today except how to meet the needs for first food then shelter, and clothing not worth crap So that’s changed but that’s all Still as always it’s shelter and food. Including obviously water. Nothings changed ever for all their b/s and verbal diahroea.
    But certain people own or control most of the land where food and shelter can be derived from Crown Lands is numero uno. By rule of Papal Law. OK? Get the picture? Not by any banker.

  4. putin should be getting the peace award as he has been on duty for a long long time now and has never once pushed the nuclear buttons that american BUILT a world nuclear arms race as the super? countrys broke up or re-joined up PUTIN was there the huge time loose nukes all over the place resecured BUT never used.RUSSIA did not start the nuclear age nither did america it was all SS but america stole that tech and aimed it at everyone and everyone including russia.Putin has been reliabilty and he alone built the stabitity that even joe biden talks of NO NUKEs?no nukes said joe biden.All these years of nukes and cold wars and putin NEVER once took over the west as the west tryed to take over the east.The peace award for stopping the nuclear arms race should go to the long hauler leader of the WTF run world putin

    • Russia and China both learned centuries ago that its too problematic to get too big and try to establish extended empires The logistics and bureaucratic difficulties always result in the empires collapse eventually. They know from centuries of experience that the size they are is enough to administer effectively.

      • Those logistics of the USSR`s natural resources also mean cheap metal and fuel as russia has the largest industrial supply in the world and the work force of china mean their industrial complex could be the leader for many many more years until they run out like the middle east is doing now.The USA is not a old country in any way or means and counts on many allied countrys to stay afloat.If the rest of the world learns how to use say hydrogeothermal power and recycle than maybe the power base will shift.BUT THank GOD putin is there he has stabitity and reliability with his 30 plus years of keeping the world from nuclear war and putting food on the table and gas in the tanks of billions

        • Yes and no. Its really complex. Fact us there’s been about 20000 nuclear weapons exploded in total into mostly the atmosphere, that just happened to coincide with global warming and ozone later holes and climate change and sun cancers but of course they had nothing to do with it and we should all want buckets power because its clean and safe, according to them. Russia detonated its share too. Anyway can’t turn back time. But the oil fields belonged yo Felix yussupoc and his wife Princess irina, everything belonged yo someone before and nothing was returned to rhe rightful heirs after the ussr collapsed And that’s a crime.

    • And no ones pushed the nuclear button yet But hundreds of nuclear weapons have been detonated in testing.. Around 2000 globally.

      • But we all lived through that I was there when the atomic voiced singer pushed atomic and the bee hives spun from the test and horned rimmed raybans ruled hollywood.Howard fought the atomic count down had over 200 PH-D`s recording data from the vegas testing which he encamped knowing the dangers of radioactives.Father was murdered for standing up to the atomic count down and CBS took over most of his war contracts.All the while his money was frozen and he lived off and funded a fund for survial.It was all very public on the news all the time and covered up all these years

      • AMERICA started the nuclear arms race in japan and the 200 russian nukes in cuba was russia saying we have the nukes too.The SS built the atomic bombs which america stole-a small newer country needing a bigger stick to walk tall with got us to were we are at now but putin has been a GOD sent as far as NOT ever oushing the button all these years nearly impossible and by rounding up the loose ones.But if we keep pushing putin he could fall or break and the forever and long long long predicted NUCLEAR WAR could happen so biting the hands that feed us and kicking someone with a nuclear weapon stockpile is totally mADD vs MADD? nessly needlessly

    • It’s a country if stolen goods. Everything was stolen by mass murder. Like America australia new Zealand South Africa Canada.

  5. It’s a system to impose slavery. You suck up to them or you get screwed. It’s totally anti democratic It’s a system that says the elite rule everything and the people are just disposable rubbish. And it’s not China’s system really, in fact what they hate President Ji for is trying to elevate all Chinese into higher standards and create more independently wealthy people and he’s succeeding and they hate him for it They want him to crush the Chinese workers into being permanent slaves working in their factories for crumbs. They lie and use their lies to extort his voboperation by threatening to make the world think he’s the evil one and they’re the champions of the individual.

  6. A lot of it because Russia Brazil India China and Formed the BRICS alliance and started building the Silk belt trade roads that threatened the west. They stockpiled gold to return to the gold standard and so destabilise the dollar There’s both sides. Course they just got suckered into buying tonnes of gold from the west at top prices when the west s planing on going crypto anyway. There’s a lot to it all. And the news are too long winded They’d need to write books because of the way they’re trained to fill spaces and use up people’s time and Sat’s so they can fit more ads on the pages.

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