Rothschild Puppet Volodymyr Zelensky Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

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Volodymyr Zelensky nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Rothschild puppet President Volodymyr Zelensky has been nominated to receive the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize for obediently following the New World Order’s script.

In a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, released on Thursday, 36 current and former European politicians asked the committee to extend the nomination deadline for the prize in order to include Zelensky and the Ukrainian people.

“We believe that now is the time to show the people of Ukraine that the world is on their side,” the letter to the committee gushingly stated

“We therefore humbly call upon you, the Committee, to consider: Extending and thereby re-opening the nomination procedure for the Nobel Peace Prize until March 31, 2022 to allow for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine.” reports: The Norwegian Nobel Committee, the body that selects the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has not said if it will extend the deadline or consider the late nomination.

“Although we are aware that this is a break with procedure, we do believe that this break is justified by the current unprecedented situation. It is our democratic duty to stand up to authoritarianism and to support a people fighting for democracy and their right to self-government,” the letter to the committee argued.

If the nomination is considered, Zelensky and the Ukrainian people will be competing for the 2022 prize against figures such as NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom and former White House adviser Jared Kushner.

Ukraine has had six Nobel Prize winners in the past, but no Ukrainian has ever been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


  1. He’s CIA Mi6 Puppet The Ukraine or crimean is very repeated formula for the west to attack Russia Just read the Crimean war histories It’s nothing new at all.
    Last week Zelensky gave a video address to a standing ovation at British Parliament crying his Jewish roots and quoting Winston Churchill whilst acting as if hiding in a bunker from the fear of the evil Russian Meanwhile on the 15th presidents of other European nations flew in to Ukraine to meet with him without fear.
    It’s stagecraft a d rhe nazis always want the world to blame rhe Jews They set up Rorhschilds appointment to be Zelensky’s finance advisor Same old same old BAITS and entrapments.

    • And remember the Crimean Naval Base for Russia is absolutely essential Mediterranean sea port crucial to Russias ability to defend itself so the west has always tried to annexe it.
      Just as the last tsar wanted to annexe Afghanistan to create a sea port to the South for security and so the west attacked Afghanistan to keep Russia out, and both wanted the opium too England wanted the MONOPOLY so used it barracks to stop Russia getting independent supply for itself. That’s what Afghanistan been about for the last 150 years and the Crimean about naval access for defense of Russia The west don’t want them having it. NATO want to set the scene up so when they do go in they can be heroic Knights in Shining armours of the Queen and Pope saving the world a d conquering Ukraine and Russia Two with one stone that they assasu atex Russias general with on the 22 of November 2014 to start the whole thing up again.

      • Bottom line so you not sucked in by nazis is that it’s all exactly military strategies that predate the Rorhschilds by centuries. Its the continuation of the Roman Empires ambitions, they who hated monotheism, being Judaism, because they are satanic pagans in disguise Satan the great deceiver who uses many gods to tempt and deceive the world.
        If your observant you can just turn on your TV anytime of the day or night and see how the rule of law and its morality is paganising the whole world. In your face.

  2. As for the absurdly pompous arrogance of the 1 member of the Rothschild family foolishly claiming that if it weren’t for us there would be no wars, that is the most ridiculous nonsense ever published And IDIOT even can see clearly the wars flourished all over this planet forever before the Rorhschilds were even heard of and even if some event exterminated everyone if them yesterday the war in Ukraine would still be happening today. And rhe war that will follow with China or whoever wherever will never end. Never. The only way there will be peace on this earth is when there’s not enough people to make war.

    • And as for the Nazis what did they tempt the Germans with except to make them rich again and give them more living room? Just materialism they then accuse the Rorhschilds/Jews of being guilty of. Hypocrites, the 1 thing hated by God more than any Sins and Abominations. And they accuse the Jews of their own crimes. And who wants Russia and Ukraine wealth, which nations will steal it? And what do the Jews get on this planet One tiny little dusty scrap of beach. What does everyone else get What does England get. The Commonwealth of Nations with over 2 and a quarter billion people, the biggest Nation on earth all under the 1 Queen. And it includes North America really.

  3. That award goes to putin sorry zelenskyy but putin stopped the nuclear arms race that america started.All these years loose nuke every FN where putin took them back secured them and the world from them and never once even tryed to take over the west or east with them.His longtime dutys of stopping break aways from the nuclear stock piles of warheads that even joe knows NO NUKES? no nukes joe biden said.Thanks putin for NOT Nuking anyone all thses years when you could have should have but did`nt and he stayed home and defended his homeland he gave his life and time to russia and in my mind that is a good thing that he never took out anyone with SS weapons of mass detruction forces and I pary he never does THANK GOD

  4. 34 countries PLUS China Brazil and India do not support him. And that’s about half the world so their propagandas are just that And most decent prople wouldn’t touch anything from Sweden with a ten foot pole n

  5. He should have stuck to his comedy bit as his KILROY bit is weak and getting old fast gone next?

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