Court: Monsanto Employed ‘Troll Army’ To Combat Negative Comments Online

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Court hears evidence about how Monsanto employed online troll army to combat negative comments about the company

A San Francisco federal court has heard evidence about how Monsanto routinely hires armies of trolls to combat negative posts about them online. 

According to plaintiffs, the GMO giant hired third-parties to respond to negative online comments about the company, in an attempt to bury evidence about the carcinogenic effects of their products. reports:

The case challenges Monsanto’s corrupt relationship with members of the Environmental Protection Agency and their attempts to manipulate scientific publications and crack down on online dissent.

Monsanto’s ‘Let Nothing Go’ campaign allegedly hired online ‘shills’ to quickly respond to social media chatter about the carcinogenic properties of their ‘RoundUp’ product.

The plaintiff claims to have developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a result of exposure to glyphosate in Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ product, and believes that Monsanto aggressively attempted to remove all warnings of the risks surrounding the pesticide.

Click here to see the accusation recorded in a United States District Court litigation summary.

Monsanto have gained such a bad reputation for online shills that it has become common practice on the news aggregation site Reddit to write ‘Monsant0’ when discussing the company in a bad light so that it is not indexed on a search engine.

The company are also accused of pressuring scientific publications to downplay the risks of their products. In an email chain used as evidence in court (acquired via Mass Tort Nexus), a company executive instructed his staff to ‘ghost write’ articles, planning to have independent scientists “just sign their names” to the study.

“Monsanto tells us that Roundup is safe because scientists say it is safe.  But apparently scientists sign their names, while Monsanto signs the checks,” says Kara Cook-Schultz, Toxics Director at U.S. PIRG. “This calls into question multiple studies written, or possibly ghostwritten, by agricultural scientists.”

Also included in the email chain is evidence showing that Monsanto regularly works together with other international chemical companies—such as Syngenta and Dow—to publish scientific papers. Christophe Gustin, Monsanto’s Crop Protection Regulatory Affairs Lead at Monsanto Europe, asked for Syngenta and Dow’s sign-off prior to hiring a scientist to publish the results of internal, unpublished studies on Roundup.


  1. Monsanto is anti people, but for making the most money no matter what their products do to destroy our environment & communities – shame on them – they EVIL

    • So… let me see if I understand you right. Monsanto… a company who only source of income comes from feeding people… wants to make less people??

      I’m not sure you really thought this one through too well.

      • They specialize in feeding people poison glyphosate laden GMOs.

        Over 96% of GMOs grown today are genetically engineered to use Roundup/glyphosate in their cultivation. This pesticide must be taken into the plant in order to work and it can not be washed off.

        A recent peer reviewed study published on the Nature website shows that Roundup causes fatty liver disease at concentrations over 430,000 times lower than what is allowed in the food supply.

        Glyphosate is a potent endocrine disruptor that has no safe dose. It causes DNA breaks and irreversible cellular death. It mimics glycine in the body. It causes rapid aging, multiple diseases, and early death.

        • So many lies. There is no study showing any such thing. And there has never, ever been a study showing any of the rest of that nonsense you claim. In fact these are in direct opposition to every safety assessment ever.

          Soooo… yah. There’s that.

          • Only if you don’t believe the facts contained in Monsanto’s own data that the EPA allowed them to hide before they approved glyphosate over the objections of their own staff scientists.

          • Oh right…I forgot about the secret data that only you activists have ever seen. My bad.

          • It’s all available to you if you really want to educate yourself. Make your FOIA request to the EPA and you can get educated too. Until then you are just displaying ignorance every time you bring up the subject.

          • You’ll have to pardon me if I’m a bit skeptical about your claims. You don’t exactly have a strong track record of accuracy.

          • You can be “skeptical” all you want and keep displaying your ignorance in the process, troll boy.

  2. 300 soybean samples tested for glyphosate, and found that 271 of the samples had residues. The agency said all fell within the range deemed safe by the EPA, and has since said that testing for glyphosate is “not a high priority.”
    How much lead in drinking water is deemed safe and “Not a high Priority”?
    EPA my ass! It should read Environmental Poisoning Agency

    • If something is relatively benign and isn’t found in high concentrations, doesn’t it make sense to spend limited resources on something with more potential to make a difference?

          • Another agrochemical/ biotech industry spokesman who has been defending and promoting industry for at least a few years now. What do you expect people to think when you clearly have at least a few hours every day for several years to promote and defend this industry?

          • Several hours a day?? You’re not paying very close attention, are you Rob?

          • If anyone doubts the truth of what Rob said they should look at your posting history which will clear up and doubts.

          • Feel free to look at any of my posts. I leave my history open for anyone. Each post takes about 10 seconds, give or take. So, today I’m up to about a minutes worth. Looks like I better get busy, huh?

          • You said you are going to be a lobbyist, but it looks like your real calling is to be a comedian.

            Everyone knows you are and a industry disinformation echo chemaber PR bot. Likely a part of the “Let Nothing Go” project too.

          • No…I didn’t say “I’m going to be..”. I said “I am…”. But that’s not really accurate. More accurate would be that I have 15 people who report to me that are registered lobbyists in the state of Indiana. However, I am not registered myself.

            But I’m not really sure that simple math would really play that well in the comedy world. Thanks for the encouragement though.

            As for your next question…the only place I ever here of “Let nothing go” is from your many aliases. I always find it funny how you latch on to the activist catch phrase of the day and repeat it ad nauseum. You’re definitely not a real creative one, are ya?

          • So much for that job as a seed a pesticide salesman. Important people like you and your Koch Brother co-workers must not have much to do If you can spend all your time trolling for the biotech chemical industry. You are likely a good fit in Indiana which has been taken over by the dark force.

          • Yup! First time in my career I’m no longer in the “for profit” sector. But we’ve already had the conversation about “all my time”. I likely haven’t reached the 1 minute mark yet today. But I’ll do what I can do you aren’t disappointed!

          • Well… you might be right. I’ve got close to a dozen posts today. But in fairness, over half have been to you and those don’t really take any time at all.

          • Well, I leave my history open with the expectation that people are smart enough to read it. I guess, in your case, I was mistaken. You see I made that post over 5 hrs ago. And at that time it was accurate.

            In the future, maybe check with me first and I’ll do the counting for you. M’kay?

          • Well, I don’t know where you live, so couldn’t dispute that. What I can say is that you’re not particularly good at math.

          • Lol… ok. Well, anyone who wants to count them can be my guest.

            It must suck to be wrong…literally…always.

          • I’m sure you know a lot about sucking and losing.

            I’ve never had to deal with that.

          • Are you part of the “let Nothing Go” campaign too?

            LOL! …. you are so made, shill boy.

          • I remember a couple years ago you said cheer-leading for the biotech industry was just a phase you were going through and take up different causes and just move on after a period of time. I take it that this cause pays to much to walk away from maybe?

  3. This would be alarming if but the papers themselves were lacking in scientific merit and pushed through nonetheless. I noticed how this article carefully avoids calling into question the papers themselves and only tries to smear the authors via associations. If Einstein turned out to be Jack the Ripper, E=Mc^2 and your GPS would still work.

    It should also be noted that anti-GMO’ers themselves have no qualms about hiring armies of bloggers and trolls to further their rather more anti-science agendas.

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