Ivanka Trump Accused Of Hiring $1 Slaves To Make Her Clothes

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Ivanka Trump accused of hiring $1 Chinese slaves to make her clothing line

Ivanka Trump has come under fire after being caught hiring Chinese slaves who cost just $1 an hour, and forcing them to work 82 hours overtime every month. 

According to reports, Trump’s daughter hired 80 workers in one factory in China to work almost 60 hours per week, via the G-III Apparal Group – a company responsible for manufacturing her fashion line.

Dailymail.co.uk reports:

The outlet says that Ivanka’s clothing is made primarily in the China G-III factories, though her firm also has factories in Vietnam, Bangladesh and South America.

The worrying report was released at a time when Ivanka’s clothing sales are booming, even though she has been dumped by major retailers, such as Nordstrom.

Sales were up were up 332% in January and February compared to a year prior, according to CNN Money. The brand sold $100million in fiscal year 2015, according to Forbes.

Net sales for her clothing collection soared by $17.9 million in the year that ended January 31, according to G-III data.

A report by Fair Labor Association, an independent group that works to improve the conditions of factory workers around the globe, found that workers were routinely required to work 57 hours a week to hit production targets.

The report did not specify which brands were being assembled at the time of a two-day inspection in October.

They were also required to work 82 hours of overtime a month between September 2015 and August 2016, despite Chinese law setting a limit of 36 overtime hours a month.

Employees earn roughly $255 to $283 a month, below minimum wage in some areas of China, and less than half of what the average manufacturing employee makes.

Fewer than a third of the employees had any of China’s mandated benefits, including pension and medical, maternity, unemployment or work-related injury insurance.

Nor were the workers receiving any help with housing costs, as is required by Chinese law.

They only received five days off a year and their only representative was factory-appointed.

The group found there was also no training in terms of how to handle equipment or reduce injuries or factory-related diseases common to workers dealing with harsh chemicals.

G-III factories have shipped more than 110 tons of Ivanka-brand blouses, skirts, dresses and other garments to the United States since October, according to the outlet.

In 2012, G-III became the sole maker of Ivanka Trump brand clothing, and that year, Ivanka said the company was ‘has distinguished itself as a trusted partner for some of the world’s finest and most visible brands.’

Meanwhile, Ivanka has tried to position herself as a champion of the working woman, saying in an editorial  in the Financial Times, ‘We can add billions to the global economy by creating an enabling environment, increasing women’s labour force participation and business ownership, and improving the productivity of their work.’

Trump stepped down from a management role in her fashion line when she took an adviser role in the White House, but its assets are in a trust, valued at $50million, controlled by her husband Jared Kushner’s family.

Ivanka’s father, president Donald Trump, has repeatedly touted his ‘buy American, hire American’ agenda.

Last week, he signed an executive order that he said would ‘ensure that American labor is hired.’

‘We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure more products are stamped with those wonderful words ‘Made in the USA,” Trump said during the signing. ‘For too long we’ve watched as our factories have been closed and our jobs have been sent to faraway lands.’

Trump’s licensed brand lines, which include apparel, accessories and household items, are made almost entirely in foreign factories, including China, Bangladesh, Honduras, Vietnam, South Korea and Mexico, according to a report by the Washington Post.

Some components of Trump-branded furniture were made in Germany. Trump Vodka is made in Israel and the Netherlands.

Trump’s red MAGA hats, ubiquitous during the campaign, were made in a southern California factory. Trump bottled water was made in New York and Vermont.


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