Ballot Box Left Inside Rental Car By Democrat Broward County Employee

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A Democrat Broward County employee with direct ties to Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum appears to have accidentally left a provisional ballot box inside an Avis rental car at Fort Lauderdale Airport, according to reports from Florida. 

A Democrat Broward County employee with direct ties to Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum appears to have accidentally left a provisional ballot box inside an Avis rental car at Fort Lauderdale Airport, according to reports from Florida. 

Noah Holliman, a Democrat staffer who is directly tied to the county, Andrew Gillum, and Sheriff Israel while working in a supposedly “nonpartisan” elections office, was the last person to drive the rental car in which the ballot box was discovered, according to Avis staff.

Why did a Broward County employee, whose social media indicates he hates President Trump and hates Republicans and is a huge supporter of Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum have possession of a provisional ballot box in his rental car?

Laura Loomer reports:

I received a tip around 6 pm from a political insider that an Avis employee contacted the police at the Fort Lauderdale airport, on Sunday evening, alerting them to the provisional ballot box.

However, the airport police reportedly didn’t want to touch the SOE ballot boxes, prompting the AVIS employee to contact Richard Denapoli, the Broward County GOP state committeeman, who quickly made his way over to the airport to meet the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FLDE) where he began filming and taking pictures as officers were claiming there was a “bomb threat” at the airport and began filming and taking pictures as officers were claiming there was a “bomb threat” at the airport.

Pictures taken at the scene show two boxes. One box is red, and the other is grey. The grey box is labeled “PROVISIONAL BALLOT BOX” with a sign that says “Broward County Supervisor of Elections”, a purple tag that says “ERT region 13”, and a backwards yellow tag with a seven digit numerical and five letter code.

According to the Avis employee, the rental car was last driven by Noah Holliman, whose has an email address connected to his Florida voter registration profile.

Nearly 20 minutes after receiving the tip, a heavy police presence blocked off traffic and surrounded entrances of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, located at the epicenter of elections fraud: Broward County.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office later tweeted:

“Our deputies and bomb squad are responding to a suspicious package outside Ft. Lauderdale Airport Terminal 4.”

However, this reporter knew ahead of this tweet that a provisional ballot box was discovered in an AVIS rental car that was dropped off at the airport and subsequently I made my way over to the airport, only to be blocked by a police officer who is on video telling me the airport might be shut down for n hour or two.

However, officers failed to mention that the Broward County police response was initially for the AVIS employee who discovered the boxes and immediately reported the issue. It is unknown as to whether the Avis employee was fearful that the boxes had been tampered with considering the widespread elections fraud allegations and concern among the public here in Florida and America-at large.

Upon confirming with DeNapoli that the boxes were indeed labeled provisional ballots, I immediately informed the public that Broward County Sheriff’s Officers were on the scene filling out a police report and documenting the ballots, whereas local and national media were totally silent on the discovery of the ballot box in an apparent media blackout.

Why was there a media blackout on a suspicious package being delivered to the airport, when in reality officers appear to have been aware from the beginning that this was a provisional ballot box according to the AVIS employee speaking with Denapoli, who contacted FDLE?

Do you see, the more this story unfolds there are more questions, less answers, and more reasons to be alarmed, outraged and reason to demand Republicans like Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Sen. Marco Rubio take action?

Along with Denapoli, Florida politico Lauren Cooley upon hearing this provisional ballot box was discovered in the trunk of an AVIS rental car, rushed to the scene. She said,

“The AVIS employee didn’t know what to do. No one wanted to touch the boxes or take responsibility for them. Finally, sheriffs deputies agreed to take the provisional ballot boxes into their custody. It’s an odd situation when supervisor of elections (SOE) employees are so careless with important election materials, but its becoming a trend in Broward County.”

I met up with Denapoli after video and photographic evidence was taken of these provisional ballot boxes that were left at the airport. We met at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office, the epicenter of this national outrage, to see if Broward sheriffs deputies were going to transfer the custody of the provisional ballot boxes to the Supervisor of Elections, or hold them for processing overnight.

Denapoli sent me the following statement:

“The way it went down: rental agency guy contacted me because he saw my name on Florida GOP website as contact for Broward County. He said he spoke with some Sheriffs Deputy Personnel at the airport but they seemed disinterested in getting involved. I contacted some friends in law enforcement who got the FDLE involved. After I arrived at the airport, FDLE contacted Broward Sheriff Jeremey Hansen who came to the Avis at the Fort Lauderdale airport. They interviewed me and the AVIS employee and took the boxes into evidence.”

Denapoli sounded the alarm from the site of the AVIS rental when upon hearing I was on the case. He began filming the provisional ballot boxes along with the Broward County police response, while the “media” was in Terminal 4 reporting on a non-existent bomb threat that was literally tweeted from the official Twitter account of the Broward Sheriffs Office. Meanwhile, there was never a bomb.

It’s dramatic, misleading and worst of all, highly irresponsible for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office under disgraced Sheriff Scott Israel–whose failed leadership and abject incompetence led to the avoidable massacre of 17 innocent people, mostly children–to set off mass panic over the possibility of bombs exploding at the Fort Lauderdale airport, where an ISIS terrorist attack once took place in June of 2016, which Israel also was responsible for overseeing as Sheriff.

After all of this was unfolding, they then tweeted:

Which package was the Broward Sherrifs Office referring to? The provisional ballot box? Is the sheriffs office confirming they found a suspicious package? Did they find the ballot box? If so, why are they withholding these details?

Will they explain that they found a provisional ballot box and not a bomb?

Well, it gets worse–Noah Holliman, the Broward County employee who dropped off the rental car with boxes of provisional ballots is friends with Sheriff Scott Israel on Facebook.

But wait, there’s more! Holliman also appears to be tied to Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who lost his election to Congressman Ron DeSantis, but revoked his concession speech on Saturday “unapologetically.”

Coincidentally, Gillum was hosting a campaign event at the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night, which is located less than 20 minutes away from the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Upon receiving a tip that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes was allegedly inside the church with Gillum, myself and Conservative journalist Jacob Engles rushed over to the church, but we were denied entry by Fort Lauderdale Police at the request of the Gillum campaign. Engles commented on the story in a statement:

“The secrecy, uncertainty, and blatant denigration of our voting process is simply unreal. Brenda Snipes is a criminal. A fraudster. I thought she might be senile or stupid. Her continued actions to thwart the election outcome reveal her insidious intentions of fixing the election for her Democrat allies.”
Holliman’s voter registration seems to indicate he is a Democrat voter in Broward County, Florida, and a member of the “anti-Trump army” and many other Left wing groups on social media.

Voter information also indicates a family member named Tiffany Holliman was a donor to Gillum’s campaign on Sep. 1, 2018.

We are currently witnessing Democrats try to use their offices, their jobs, shady connections and influence to undermine our elections, and Republicans need to step up and do everything they can to stop this egregious assault on our democracy. This is an outrage and it should cause every American in every county to wonder if this is happening in their state.

In response to the breaking scandal, Ali Alexander with the #StopTheSteal, a campaign that is collecting intelligence, training residents, and conducting peaceful election integrity demonstration, slammed Broward County and called on elected leaders to step in. You can visit the #StopTheSteal campaign site here.

“The FBI needs to kick in the door, interview all board of election employees, shutter the Broward County elections offices, seize all the ballots and put a stop to the Democrats disrupting the elections. This is a bigger story than we could have ever imagined and Floridians and the entire country demand answers,” Alexander said.

Hopefully this video and photographic evidence of provisional ballot boxes being carelessly left inside a rental car at the Fort Lauderdale airport by a Democrat staffer who is directly tied to the county, Andrew Gillum, and Sheriff Israel in a supposedly “nonpartisan” elections office–who hates the president and hates Republicans and is a huge supporter of the Democrat candidate who is benefiting from this debacle–will wake up America.

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