Charlie Hebdo Widow To Publish Book Exposing Truth About Paris Attacks

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Charlie Hebdo widow says she will publish a book in January 2016 exposing the 'lies' surrounding the Paris attacks

The widow of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Georges Wolinski, who died in the Paris attacks in January 2015, has said that she intends to publish a book a year after the attacks which will expose the truth behind what really happened. 

Maryse Wolinski says her book, due to be published on January 7, 2016, will go against the official investigation, hinting what many researchers have been saying for months – that the Paris attacks were not the act of terrorists, as reported in the media and by authorities.

Many inconsistencies surround the attacks which have not been explained.

The police chief who initially investigated the murder died under mysterious circumstances, and the mother of the suicided cop was not allowed access to the autopsy results.

It was also revealed earlier in 2015 that  one of the suspects may have been a CIA asset.

Just after the attacks Maryse Wolinski announced that she was very suspicious about the incident, and accused the French government of a cover-up.

Her book should reveal vital details about what she has uncovered during a personal investigation in recent months.

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  1. The CIA are masters of False Flag Operations, The Paris attacks were obviously carried out by special ops, (The CIA often attack their own country (911, Operation northwoods etc) or allies, while blaming others), The US also funded all islamic terrorist organisations from the late 70’s onwards, from the Taliban to the Mujahedin, which became Al Qaeda, Al nusra, Boko Haram, ISIS, etc etc. initially used to draw the Soviets into Afghanistan, not as a result of a Soviet invasion as portrayed in western media.Then used as Muslim Foreign fighters in the break up of Yugoslavia/Bosnia/Kosovo, then in iraq after the US invaded and killed Saddam Hussein who would not allow Terrorists into iraq, then in Liby as US proxies who killed gaddafi then stole all Libya’s military assets which were ditributed to ISIS and for the invasion of Syria.

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