NYC Mayor Caught Secretly Shipping Illegal Aliens Out to China

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NYC mayor secretly ships illegal aliens out to China

New York Mayor Eric Adams has been quietly and deceitfully shipping illegal aliens out of his “sanctuary city” to other countries, including China, according to reports.

Texas and Florida have been sending illegal aliens from overwhelmed border communities to self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” such as NYC, Chicago and California.

Despite offering to welcome illegals with “open arms” before they arrived, Democrats have been secretly outraged that the illegals are walking through their neighborhoods.

Now it has emerged that Democrat Mayor Adams has been shipping the illegals out of NYC, to far-flung states and countries.

According to a damning report from The Hill, Adams has sent migrants to Texas, Florida, and even China.

“New York City sent migrants all over the country and the world, months after Mayor Eric Adams chastised red-state governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for similar trips,” the report states. reports: The city has spent about $50,000 for the resettlement of 114 migrant households, mostly to Florida and Texas, according to documents obtained by Politico.

Some went abroad, one even as far as China.

DeSantis and Abbott came under fire after they sent migrants via bus and plane north to blue states: Abbott sending buses to New York City and DeSantis sending planes full to Martha’s Vineyard last year.

Adams said those transfers of migrants were “part of a political ploy.”

The mayor claimed that many of the migrants did not want to go north or did not understand why they were being moved.

However, many migrants that spoke to the media disputed these claims.

Illegals sent to Martha’s Vineyard thanked DeSantis for sending them to “paradise.”

In the last year, New York City has received about 79,000 migrants in total.

Adams claims the amount is overwhelming city resources.

According to the New York Post, Adams has spent $50,000 in taxpayer cash on plane tickets to ship illegal border crossers out of NYC.

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