FBI Agents Set To Testify Against Comey & Obama Threatened With Murder

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FBI agents set to testify against Comey and Obama say they are being threatened

Multiple FBI agents set to testify against Barack Obama and James Comey say they are being threatened with murder for daring to speak out. 

According to multiple reports, rank-and-file FBI agents who are desperate to testify against the Obama administration for their criminal misdeeds, feel they can’t due to a very real chance of reprisal from the Deep State.

]Diamond and Silk reports: According to one special agent, he doesn’t think the bad actors are fearful or concerned about Congressional oversight. ”

The inmates have been running the asylum and they don’t respect, much less fear, their overseers. We know we’ll be hung out to dry.”

The agent added, “And don’t get me wrong, there are still a few good people scattered about, but main Justice and the bureaucrats are running the show, want to run out the clock on this administration, and keep the status quo.”

Another agent said it was up to the senior guys who are retiring. For him he said, “It’d be suicide.”

He continued, “You still have a ton of bad people in place. Unless that changes, and I haven’t seen any degree of seriousness on the part of ranking members nor staffers, I’m not meeting with anyone nor willing to be subpoenaed. I’m not coming forward until they get their act together. Right now, it’d be sacrificing a career for cheap political points.”

TheDC has learned that the bureau has already warned agents that the agency will come back viciously against all those “behind destroying their narrative, and will go after their families and friends, too.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is trying to get them to come forward, saying that he built in protections to the Whistleblower Act.

But agents fear retaliation by the bureau. One agent who came forward in 2013, told the Daily Caller that he experienced “personal humiliation, stress-related illnesses, and a huge financial loss, requiring my wife (who had undergone two cancer surgeries) to go to work so we could make ends meet.”

And they also believe nothing will happen with investigating retaliation, which one agent said was “slow by design and at the end of the process they will never be held accountable.”

“They leave you penniless, unemployed, and unemployable. Those who work those issues in the government who are aware of the score recognize the roadkill they will become if they come forward,” one former Department of Defense official told TheDC.

That’s why some are begging to be be supoenaed, hoping that that provides them some cover and legal fee protection.

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